For people who use medical marijuana for advanced health conditions, delivery is an important and highly useful service for dispensaries to offer. Some states, though certainly not all, that have legalized marijuana, have approved cannabis delivery.

Cannabis delivery is legal in California, but there are some hefty regulations attached to that legality. One of the biggest regulations impacting all vehicles used to delivery cannabis in the state of California requires them to be equipped with dedicated GPS tracking devices.

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How GPS Tracking Benefits Tree Stump Removal and Grinding Companies

Tree stump removal and tree grinding businesses have important jobs to do. During busy seasons, it can feel like your job is neverending. GPS tracking for stump removal companies offer a variety of benefits you are sure to find interesting for your business, including those listed below.

Track Your Equipment

This not only includes to tracking your trucks, which is useful in its own right, but also extends to tracking the equipment you use from day to day, like stump grinders. GPS asset tracking allows you to track the location and even the amount of usage various pieces of equipment get. You can use the data collected to identify which pieces are profitable to own and which might serve your business better by leasing them on an as-needed basis.

Further, if your equipment is stolen, or being used after hours by employees to remove stumps off-book, you can use GPS asset tracking to track the equipment location and monitor usage to take appropriate action and aid in the prompt recovery of stolen equipment.

Plan Efficient Routes

The ability to plan routes more efficiently, particularly in busier seasons, like spring and summer, can help you cut your fuel and labor costs. This saves your business big money you can reinvest to grow your business or enjoy as profits. This includes things like buying new mini skids, stump grinders, or stump grinder attachments for mini skids.

Motivate Employees

There is no substitution for motivated employees to get work done. GPS fleet tracking lets employees know they are being monitored, to a certain degree, and this often serves to motivate them to get more accomplished when out on calls. It’s a subtle thing that can increase productivity while reducing your labor costs.

Using GPS tracking on business vehicles also helps motivate employees in the following ways:

  • Safe driving. GPS is the ultimate tattle-tell. You can even set up alerts to notify you of certain driving behaviors.
  • Staying on route. Prevents drivers from deviating from assigned routes by notifying you when deviations occur. This prevents personal errands on company time and excessive coffee breaks.

You can even use GPS to monitor the progress your teams make throughout the day remotely. You can simply check on your favorite mobile device or computer and see where each team is and how many trees they have to remove or stumps left to grind for the day.

Gone are the days when it was necessary for you to drive from one work site to the next to determine how well your teams were progressing to remove and/or grind tree stumps. Now you can track progress and so much more from the golf course if you like. All you need to make this happen is GPS fleet tracking for your vehicles and tree removal and grinding equipment.

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The Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office has been tracking vessel thefts for years, and they have noted a slight increase of this type of crime within the past few years. According to reports, 24 boats were stolen in 2015, 28 boats in 2016 and 35 in 2017. These statistics include other types of water vessels like jet skis, and it encompasses boats stolen from storage facilities.

Experts believe the increase in boat thefts is tied to the increase in value of boat parts. Deputies from Pinellas County have reported it’s becoming increasingly easy for criminals to strip boats of expensive parts like motors and electronics. It’s common for thieves to take the valuable parts and then dump the remaining parts of the boat elsewhere.

Police say that many boat owners are making a huge mistake when they fail to document the serial numbers of the various parts and electronics onboard. While boat owners frequently document information about the boat itself, they often fail to record the numbers of individual parts. These identification numbers are the best way to track stolen motors, electronics or parts after a boat is stolen, so investigators have difficulty recovering parts without identifying numbers or details. The National Insurance Crime Bureau reports that only around 36 percent of stolen boats are recovered in the state of Florida.

Detective Scott Van Deusen advises boat owners to remove any equipment, tackle or valuables from their boat every time it isn’t in use. He additionally advises owners to mark their equipment with an identification number and the state’s abbreviation. This can help officers identify any recovered boat parts.

GPS tracking for boats can also help work as a deterrent for theft and a recovery tool in the event your boat is stolen. GPS devices can be set to alert boat owners when their boats are in motion or when they leave a set boundary like a storage unit. This notification alert can be used by boat owners to inform police about the ongoing crime, and it can help officers stop a boat theft before anything is destroyed or lost.

If you own a boat, and want to be able to quickly recover it in the event of theft, give us a call at LiveViewGPS to learn more about GPS tracking for boats. 1-888-544-0494



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