When it comes to keeping up with your bakery equipment, it’s hard to go wrong with GPS equipment tracking. While most people think GPS is limited to vehicles alone, the truth is that any expensive piece of equipment, electronics, or machinery can be a target for thieves and more.

GPS tracking offers you bakery equipment tracking as well as protection for your entire bakery delivery fleet of vehicles.

Protect Valuable Bakery Equipment

It takes a lot of money to buy all the equipment needed to keep a bakery operational. Things like convection ovens, rolling bun pans, commercial mixers, cook and hold ovens and cabinets, proofer ovens and cabinets, holding cabinets, combo cabinets, dough presses, bread slicers, etc. can add up quickly.

Replacing one or all of them after a theft or a valuable piece of equipment gets left behind on a job site, can be costly. GPS tracking for your bakery equipment can end all that by helping you to quickly locate your items so you always know exactly where they are and can retrieve them without retracing a thousand steps. If they are stolen, you can notify authorities of their locations and have them retrieve the equipment on your behalf.

Monitor Your Drivers and Vehicles

Depending on the type of bakery you operate, the odds are good that you will have nervous people eagerly awaiting your deliveries. Whether you bake wedding cakes, cupcakes, cookies, or the best breakfast croissants in town, GPS fleet tracking allows you to monitor your drivers to make sure they aren’t taking unnecessary risks with your pressure cargo, ensure they are sticking to the prescribed route, and make sure they are always on schedule.

Additionally, you can check on your trucks as they go about their duties of the day to make sure every driver is where he or she needs to be and that there are no worries about late deliveries or drivers taking care of personal business while on your payroll. GPS tracking also helps you to plan routes that are more efficient for time, fuel, and labor keeping your costs lower at every turn and saving your bakery business a great deal of time during a year.

Now that you know the many potential benefits GPS tracking has to offer your bakery, there’s only one thing left to ask. Why haven’t you taken the plunge? Now I the perfect time to get your bakery business on the road with greater efficiency and bigger savings than ever before.

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Pedelecs are considered conventional bicycles with a little bit of a twist in that your pedalling is assisted by a small electric motor. How cool is that?

These bicycles are different from standard e-bikes in that the power to the motor is cut when you aren’t pedalling or your speed exceeds a certain “cut-off” number, typically 16 miles per hour.

Regardless of what kind of pedelec you own, protecting your investment is essential and GPS tracking can help you do just that in many different ways, including those listed below.

Theft Recovery

Theft happens, particularly when it comes to attractive bicycles and pedelecs. The problem of bicycle theft was so prominent in Baltimore that the city suspended its bike-sharing program, which featured the largest pedelec fleet in the country for a month.

GPS tracking has eased the ability to track and secure the return of stolen bikes making it a real winner for many considering this type of investment.

Track Your Route

Not all benefits of GPS tracking for pedelecs are related to theft recovery and bicycle security. Some of it relates to the fun you can have by tracking your route (to help determine the calories you’ve burned, the miles you’ve ridden, or even to coordinate with friends to meet somewhere in the middle). GPS tracking makes all these things and more possible – even when on the go.

Map Where You’re Going

Sometimes it’s fun to ride in unfamiliar territory, especially when you can rest assured that your ride home will be assisted. GPS tracking means you can ride with confidence that you’ll be able to map out a safe route and avoid getting lost along the way. At its heart and soul, GPS tracking remains a formidable tool for mapping routes, identifying more efficient routes, and even avoiding certain streets and roadways.

You can even find some GPS mapping programs that will map the ease of the route and potential delays along the way so you can find the most scenic route, shortest, route, or most challenging route to take according to your interests.

Receive Text Alerts for Specific Situations

You can even set up alerts that will let you know whenever your pedelec is operational during designated sleep times or moving outside of designated geographical limits. Either way, you’ll be the first to know if someone has taken your pedelec where it should not go so you can notify the authorities and facilitate the swift recovery of your bike.

For all these reasons and more, GPS tracking is the way to go when it comes to securing the investment you’ve made in a pedelec. Get GPS tracking today and see what a difference it makes in your enjoyment of your bike and peace of mind.

East African elephants’ behavior is adapting to survive poachers; their greatest threat.

The peer-reviewed Ecological Indicators Journal published a study this week suggesting that elephants are aware of poaching gangs and the dangers of them and have started to move at night to avoid them.

The University of Twente that is partners with the Kenya Wildlife Service and the Kenya-based charity Save the Elephants carried out the study. They used mortality data and GPS tracking between 2002 and 2012 in northern Kenya.

This data helped them measure the “night-day speed ratio” of the elephants’ movements in relation to how many poachers were around in the nearby areas.  Researchers found that both female and male elephants moved at night more than they did day when poachers tended to be more active.

Elephants can see in dim light just as well as in the daylight, but their behavior changes could present additional threats. Nighttime movement may expose baby elephants to the dangers of lions attacking them, losing their mothers or other predators that lurk around and hunt during the night attacking them.

This research shows the elephants flexibly adapt their behaviors to stay safe, according to Lain Douglas-Hamilton, founder of Save the Elephants. This change in their movement behavior has implications for their survival and reproduction and foraging strategy which aren’t understood completely.

Researchers believe they can monitor the results to help identify changes in levels of poaching on an almost real-time basis. And, this could end up being an effective tool in saving the elephants’ lives.

The most exciting finding of this research is being able to apply GPS tracking to prevent poaching, according to a consultant of the British animal rights organization Born Free Foundation’s, Ian Redmond.

Redmond called it a stroke of genius and told Newsweek the change in the elephants’ behavior didn’t surprise them since they already knew that elephants were very intelligent animals. An elephant’s brain actually 4 times the size of a human’s brains, he said.

But, GPS tracking can be a useful wildlife management tool, he added. He claims it’s fascinating research.

Redmond says, that GPS tracking acts like an extra range of eyes on the ground that monitor the day-night speed ration and possibly alert anti-poaching patrols before poachers are able to kill the elephants.

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