The men and women who drive in your fleet not only help your business make money, but they also serve as ambassadors for your business by representing your name and your brand every time they are on the road. It’s important to hire the best of the best who will do great things for your company and represent your name well. These tips will help you hire the best truck drivers for your fleet in 2018 and beyond.

  1. Conduct Interviews in Person

While the information age makes phone and Skype interviews possible, nothing yet replaces the ability to look someone in the eye to gauge them as a person you’d want to have on your team.

  1. Verify Licenses and Certifications

While you want to trust the men and women you’re considering hiring, these people will represent your business. It’s good to trust, but verify, for the sake of your business.

  1. Incentivize Safe Driving

Excellent driving skills are necessary for truck drivers, but that doesn’t mean that drivers always exercise the greatest care when they are out of sight. GPS fleet tracking allows you to track driver behavior so you can reward good drivers while taking corrective or disciplinary actions with those who are not driving safely.

  1. Review Work History

Confirm the work history of drivers and check their references. This is just one more way you can cover your business if something occurs down the road. You don’t want to have missed something important, like a completely falsified work history.

  1. Search for Criminal History

You can’t afford to hire drivers with histories of theft from employers and other criminal charges that could reflect poorly on your business. While you may not be interested in arrests made for college pranks, stealing from former employers is a red flag you’ll want to know about before you hire new drivers rather than after.

  1. Invest in Driver Health

Healthy drivers are good for business. It’s as simple as that. Driver health is important and good health can result in fewer accidents, lower absentee rates, and reduced instances of driver fatigue. Driving is a demanding job that leaves men and women spending a lot of time seated, investing in good health programs that get them on their feet and out of their seats when possible is a great way to boost your business and keep good drivers lining up to work for your fleet.

  1. Keep a Good Reputation

Your reputation isn’t only important to customers. If your goal is to have the best drivers working for you then you need to make sure you develop a reputation for treating your drivers well. Use social media and request that your drivers say a few good words about your organization from time to time as well.

  1. Offer Abundant Time at Home

Drivers and their families give up a lot when drivers spend a great deal of time on the road. It’s not an easy life. Giving them plenty of time at home can improve their mental health, their physical health, and their happiness working for you. This reduces turnover and helps boost your reputation.

  1. Recruit Military Veterans

Hiring military veterans is not only good for business, but it can earn your business tax credits too. It will boost your reputation with customers and drivers alike while giving deserving men and women an opportunity to earn for their families upon returning to civilian life.

  1. Test Practical and Mechanical Skills

While it is essential to be certain your drivers have the practical skills behind the wheel to get the job done, they also need to possess some basic diesel mechanics skills too if they are driving long hauls for your fleet. Testing both allows you to put your drivers on the road with confidence that they can handle most situations that will come their way.

The snow removal industry involves a lot of different businesses. Whether you are in the business of plowing city streets under contract, if you work with area businesses to remove snow from parking lots and sidewalks, if you work with individual homeowners to blow snow from drive and walkways, or if local housing communities hire you to handle their roads when winter weather strikes, a lot of people are counting on you to remove snow and ice, so they can drive, walk, and play safely.

These are a few ways GPS fleet tracking can benefit your snow removal industry business.

Avoid Route Redundancies

No matter how many trucks you have running routes for you, the last thing you want to do is have route redundancies that cost precious fuel and run your labor costs through the roof. No matter how carefully you calculate, human error can be a problem when planning routes by hand and trying to coordinate with multiple drivers in different parts of the county. Using GPS tracking for salt trucks eliminates the possibility of human error and route redundancies so that you have the coverage you need without having areas that get a little extra love from snow plows.

Ensures No Roads are Left Unplowed

Just as you want to make sure you avoid having two plows working the same roads, you want to make sure that you’re getting all the roads you’re supposed to cover without leaving some of them out in the cold and dark.

Prioritize Which Roads Get Plowed First

While it would be nice if all roads were equal and received equal love from snow removal trucks and plows, the truth is that some roads are more critical to local infrastructure than others. For instance, it is key to make ensure that roads leading to major hospitals and medical centers are plowed well and often when snowstorms strike. It is also critical to cover major commercial roadways that fuel the city. GPS fleet tracking allows you to prioritize which roads get plowed first in a matter of seconds, something that could take more than a few precious minutes if routing by hand.

Plan Efficient Routes

Fuel costs money – as do the men and women braving ice and snow to drive the plows. GPS tracking for snow plows allows your business to plan highly efficient routes that conserve fuel and labor while ensuring that all the required roadways are cleared in a reasonable amount of time.

GPS fleet tracking can’t solve all the problems snow removal businesses, like yours, face, but they can help you prioritize and schedule routes quickly while allowing you to maximize your fuel-efficiency to cut costs while meeting the needs of your customers. It doesn’t get much better than that.

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It might have seemed like a silly prank to thieves that stole a giant inflatable Frankenstein, but the owner of a family Halloween store got the last laugh when he used GPS tracking to help track down thieves who took this valuable emblem of his business and celebration of the Halloween season.

Tricks and treats aren’t always laughing matter – especially when they rob businesses, families, and communities of fun and festive decorations in any season. While no one likes to think about the necessity of protecting symbols such as these from thieves, more and more people are learning the hard way that it is necessary to do.

Not only are thieves targeting the giant decorations outside his business, but there has also been a sharp rise in shoplifting incidents inside the store. He obviously hoped he’d never need to make use of the GPS device inserted inside the inflatable Frankenstein, but was glad he had done so when the blip on his GPS screen began to move indicating that the giant inflatable had, in fact, been stolen.

He was able to follow the inflatable to the location where it had been taken and enlist the aid of the police in securing the return of Frankenstein to its rightful place.

In many cases like this, when the outdoor decorations, inflatables in particular, are stolen, they are rarely recovered. The inserts of tiny GPS tracking devices into the inflatables provides piece of mind throughout the holiday season. Thanks to advancing technologies and long battery lives in the small trackers, it is increasingly possible to use these for long-term tracking and security of inflatable decorations for Halloween and other holidays throughout the year.

The benefit GPS tracking brings to the picture is that it allows owners to be alerted immediately when items are moved from their designated locations. This means you get a head start on locating the stolen inflatable. Add real-time tracking capabilities into the mix and you can aid local law enforcement with precise GPS coordinates for your missing Halloween decorations.

GPS tracking technology is changing the way businesses operate and allowing many business owners to reduce insurance costs, recover stolen merchandise, and stop thieves in their tracks (whether inside their organizations or on the outside). We look to see the many uses for GPS tracking to increase as more home and business owners learn of novel ways to make it work for them, like this.

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