According to a new study, while sperm whales travel in a group, they tend to stick close to each other since they’re highly social creatures.

The Autonomous University of Baja California Sur in Mexico and Oregon State University (OSU) researchers in the United States Pacific Northwest report they found that these whales actually spent around 30 percent of their time socializing and resting at the surface.

But, one group of these sperm whales with twenty-seven Advanced Dive Behavior (ADB) tags dove to search for their favored food (mostly the Humboldt squid), they’d often reach almost a mile or a depth of 1,500 meters below the surface and would then go their own way.

According to researchers, during one dive, one particular whale spent 77 minutes submerged in the Gulf of California.

These sophisticated GPS tracking ADB tags enabled researchers to collect extraordinary amounts of information on the movement, feeding, diving and socialization behavior of the sperm whale which was once hard and almost impossible to gather.

Since sperm whales dive to great depths and spend large amounts of time underwater, they’ve been particularly difficult to study.

Limitations in technology had hindered researchers from collecting consistent behavior data on the whales for over 24 hours at a time until OSU and Wildlife Computers developed the ADB tags.

These tags are able to record diving depth in high-resolution and the GPS locations which help the researchers to track each individual whale for as long as 35 days.

The researchers found through their findings that the whales make 6 distinct types of dives which include four  deep dives and two shallow dives.

Deep dives made up around three out of every four dives that the researchers associated with foraging. And, the tracked whales diving to the bottom of the ocean is more common than what was previously thought by researchers and scientists.

According to OSU’s Marine Mammal Institute’s researcher and lead study author, Ladd Irvine in Newport, Oregon, this is extremely valuable information since it shows how the energy resources of the sperm whales is divided into various activities like resting, socializing and feeding over time.

GPS tracking is a valuable tool for any type of researcher and has been used for many years to help researchers gather up important information necessary for their particular studies.

Your employees are constantly on the go these days and it’s difficult to keep up with which employee is going where. Cell phone tracking for your businesses allows you a simple solution to track and manage your employees no matter how far or wide they may roam. These are a few benefits to consider when it comes to cell phone tracking for your business.

Serves as a Time Clock for Employees

Remote employees, or those who are on the road can use their cell phones to clock in and out as well as logging their locations and other details related to their work days. This also helps when you are keeping records of labor for specific jobs on off-site worksites. Employees can log in and out of certain tasks so that you can bill accordingly.

Monitor Employee Behavior While Driving

One of the interesting things about GPS tracking, even when using cell phones to track, is that it can be used to monitor the speed at which employees are travelling as well as to determine other negative behaviors behind the wheel. You can even set up alerts to notify you of these types of behaviors while they are happening so that you can address the safety, liability, and public relations concerns these types of behaviors cause.

Assist with Employee Navigation

Many employees who work offsite are constantly visiting new locations and travelling in unfamiliar territories. Cell phone tracking for business allows your employees to have access to constantly updated maps and turn by turn directions to job sites and other locations at the tip of their fingers.

Allows You to Assign Routes More Efficiently

Offering your employees the use of cell phone GPS tracking means that you can work to create routes that are highly efficient for fuel and labor – and to ensure that your employees are following the prescribed routes. Employees going off track can wreck the best efficiency plans and end up costing your business more money in fuel costs and overtime.

Little changes can lead to significant bonuses for your business. Using cell phone tracking can help your employees become more task oriented, improve driving safety, reduce fuel costs, lower insurance rates, and cause countless other business benefits for you. The only question that remains is why you haven’t taken the plunge and made the investment in cell phone tracking for your employees yet. A world of benefits is waiting for you to make this one vital move.

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The trucking fleet industry is constantly looking for ways to improve. Adopting innovative technologies, like the four listed below can make huge improvements in driver safety, fleet operating expenses, and public perception (and appreciation) of the trucking fleet industry as a whole.

  1. Big Screens on Back of Truck Displaying Image of Road Ahead

One of the big problems on the road today is that most passenger vehicles can’t see what’s going on in front of big trucks. If you have two trucks driving side by side on the Interstate the problem is compounded – especially when riding in congested traffic.

Samsung has a sensible solution in the form of big screen televisions installed on the backs of trucks that offer a view of the road ahead of them. This allows you to see and anticipate traffic problems ahead of you.

  1. Advanced Weather Apps

Transport Topics reports that weather can have a devastating impact on mobility costs, accounting for nearly $3.5 billion in weather-related mobility costs and $14 billion in weather-related accidents over the past 10 years. Advanced weather apps can help drivers navigate around the worst of winter weather, tropical storms and wildfires safely.

This is big news for you as it can help you protect your people and the cargo they carry – saving your company money while keeping your customers happy and reducing the costs that are often associated with weather-related issues.

  1. GPS Fleet Tracking

Perhaps one of the biggest technological innovations to hit the roadways today is GPS fleet tracking. These services go well beyond the simple mapping of routes to help reduce fuel usage and save time. It also helps you to monitor driver behavior, stay on top of routine vehicle maintenance, navigate around traffic and weather when necessary, and protect cargo from theft. It also means that you can pinpoint the geographic location of all trucks in your fleet at any time ensuring that help can arrive quickly in the event of an accident.

  1. Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs)

The ELD Mandate has been signed into the law giving the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) the authority to enforce certain compliance parameters associated with this new mandate that applies to most fleet operations. Phase One is set to end on December 18, 2017. At this time, all carriers that fall under the purview of the mandate must either have ELDs installed on their vehicles or AOBRDs that are compliant with the mandate. As of December 16, 2019, all affected carriers must be fully compliant by using ELDs that are registered and fully compliant.

These technologies exist to improve the safety of fleet drivers, cargo, and other drivers on the road. With exciting technologies like these, it’s exciting to think of what the future holds for the trucking industry.

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