Couple recovers $30,000 wedding ring from landfill

Pretty much everyone has accidentally thrown something important in the trash at some point in their lives. But one couple from San Diego were distraught when they realized they had accidentally thrown away a wedding ring valued at $30,000.

The couple had been doing some spring cleaning when they realized the valuable ring must have fallen into their trash. When they went to check their garbage can, they discovered their trash had already been hauled away and the truck was traveling just down the road. The helpless couple watched the garbage man drive away with the ring in tow.

In response, the couple called the City of San Diego in a panic. The Environmental Services Department assisted the couple in tracking down their garbage bags on the day they believed she lost her ring.

Workers utilized the garbage truck’s GPS tracking device to determine where exactly it was. Unfortunately, employees had to inform the couple that the neighborhood trash had already been dumped at the Miramar Landfill.

The determined couple decided to personally visit the Miramar Landfill site and search for the ring. They thanked the Environmental Service Department for their agency’s implementation of GPS tracking for waste management which helped them promptly track down their garbage.

Within hours, their trash bags would have quickly been lost under piles of other garbage. Thankfully, their bags were perfectly placed on the top of the trash heap, so they were able to find the ring within four minutes of digging.

The couple and employees assisting with the search were all relieved that the ring was able to be recovered promptly. Jose Ysea, a city spokesman, commented on the event explaining that searching for that ring in the landfill was akin to searching for a needle in a haystack.

Employees are usually stuck searching through the muck for hours on end for lost goods, but thanks to the GPS tracking for garbage trucks, everyone was able to descend on the landfill immediately after the couple’s trash was dropped off.


Heavy traffic, accidents, and bad weather driving can lead to all kinds of stops and starts that are bad news for your fleet vehicles. There are many reasons this type of driving is bad for your vehicle and we’ll explore many of them below.

How Does Rapid Acceleration and Sudden Braking Effect Your Vehicles?

Fleet vehicles travel many miles in the course of a day, week, month, and year. Preserving the mechanical soundness of these vehicles helps them get a few extra miles in their lifetimes before needing mechanical intervention or requiring replacement.

Not only does flooring your accelerators when the light turns green or from a full stop waste gas, but it can also damage your vehicles in the following ways. Fast acceleration, for instance, can cause unnecessary strain on the drivetrain components in your fleet vehicles. Sudden braking causes added wear to the brakes and can result in brake failures or more frequent need to replace the brakes.

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A comprehensive study published in 2018 by the US Business Traveler and Travel Policy report examined how business travelers in the country feel about corporate travel. The study included questions about corporate traveler’s experiences, conveniences, methods of transportation and their organization’s travel policies.

Overall, the group found some interesting trends and statistics. Surprisingly, nearly 55 percent of travelers will pay out-of-pocket for conveniences like upgrades, WIFI, rental cars or hotel rooms.

Saving money was reported to be the most important factor when choosing an airline in only about 12 percent of all cases. Instead, the airline’s schedule was the most important factor for about 29 percent of travelers.

Another interesting finding was that about 55 percent of all business travelers would agree with an employer’s use of GPS tracking while they are away on a business trip. Many of the 45 percent who disagreed with such a tactic argued that GPS tracking devices could result in personal privacy violations. Incredibly, 69 percent of travelers reported that they always comply with corporate policies, and 26 percent said they comply frequently. It’s possible that the corporate traveler’s overall willingness to follow the rules is one reason why they wouldn’t be bothered by a tracking policy by their company.

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