GPS Tracking for Auto Shippers

17 Jan 2019

Whether you’re in the business of shipping for auto dealerships, auto manufacturer’s, or individuals, GPS tracking for auto transport businesses can help you improve customer relations, safeguard the expensive vehicles you’re charged with transporting, and maintain your peace of mind in the process. GPS tracking can be one of the most useful tools your business has ever invested in for all these reasons and more.

Make Your Customers Happy by Keeping them Informed

Happy customers. Happy life. GPS tracking allows you the opportunity to provide unique codes customers can plug into their computers, mobile devices, etc. to track the precise journey their vehicle(s)’ take to their intended destination. They can even sign up to receive text or email notifications throughout the day to know the precise location of these vehicles at specific times.

It gives customers peace of mind, instills incredible loyalty among your customers, and eases the burden on your dispatchers by eliminating a constant stream of phone calls from worried customers looking for their vehicles.

Deter Thefts/Aid in Recovery

GPS tracking is not only available for the vehicles doing the transporting, which is essential in today’s business world. It is also available for the individual vehicles being towed. The ability to track each vehicle, via hidden GPS tracking receivers, means that if these vehicles are targeted and taken from your trucks, the odds of recovering them increase exponentially.

Reduce Your Insurance Rates

Because GPS tracking is so effective at recovering stolen cars and can be an excellent deterrent for thieves, using it on all the vehicles your transport, as well as the vehicles being transported, can help you reduce your insurance rates by leaps and bounds. It’s about so much more than saving money on fuel and this is one way your business can save big.

Discourage Employees from Deviating from Planned Routes

Because so many eyes are on the vehicles being transported, your employees will be discouraged from deviating from their prescribed routes without good reason. For instance, if they are rerouted by GPS for traffic, weather, road closures, etc.

This keeps your drivers honest and reduces the risks of employees offloading cars when out of sight or taking care of personal business on company time.

With so many reasons to consider GPS tracking for auto shipping fleets, perhaps it’s time to consider modernizing your business so you can offer your customers and your business all the benefits GPS fleet tracking has to offer. Contact us today at LiveViewGPS to learn more about the options available to your auto shipping business and how they can help your business grow.

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