GPS Tracking for Unmarked Patrol Cars

22 Jan 2019

Law enforcement officers have important and dangerous jobs to do. The actions of a few law enforcement officers have placed all under greater scrutiny while strengthening the distrust between law enforcement and ordinary citizens in communities far and wide. Using GPS tracking for law enforcement vehicles, both marked and unmarked can go a long way toward healing the mistrust within the community while improving safety for the men and women who so bravely serve their communities.

Easy Identification/Authentication

While marked cars are easily identifiable, unmarked cars are intentionally difficult to identify as the vehicles of law enforcement officers. People, women drivers, especially, are often hesitant to pull over for vehicles that aren’t easily identifiable as law enforcement vehicles. GPS allows the location of vehicles to be easily tracked so a quick phone call to dispatch can confirm that it is, in fact, a police vehicle that is attempting to pull someone over.

Accountability and First Line of Defense

Officers are accused of many things. From aggressive driving to speeding, and all points in between. GPS tracking serves as a record of driver behavior so that departments can easily condemn and correct the actions of officers who disobey the rules while exonerating the actions of those who are driving within the parameters established by the department.

Ease the Dispatch Process

When all patrol cars, marked and unmarked alike, are equipped with GPS tracking, it makes the dispatch process much easier with the instant ability to locate each car in order to identify the vehicle closest to the emergency. When seconds matter, something as simple as GPS locating can save lives.

GPS equipped unmarked patrol cars also benefits law enforcement when coordinating efforts with multiple agencies or other response services. For instance, if you’re trying to launch a coordinated response to a massive chain-reaction accident or other emergency event, GPS helps you know where all members of the team are, so you can anticipate arrivals times and direct them to travel to the best location for their services accordingly.

Provides a Tool for Added Safety

The final reason GPS tracking for unmarked patrol cars is so critical today is that your officers are in danger every time they enter their vehicles. If the unthinkable happens, GPS fleet tracking for your unmarked patrol cars allows you to mount a fast response that brings emergency services and other officers to the exact location quickly. GPS saves lives and your officers’ lives are certainly lives you’re interested in saving.

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