GPS tracking for school buses is about so much more than creating more fuel-efficient bus routes. While that alone will make it worth the investment in most communities, GPS fleet tracking provides a wealth of other benefits you can’t ignore when it comes to school bus transportation for your K-12 school.

Monitors Driver Behaviors

As a  K-12 school manager or administrator, you have a lot on your plate when it comes to providing for the safety and security of children at all levels under your care. K-12 school administrators cannot personally be on every bus to make sure drivers are following traffic safety rules. You can, however, create GPS tattletales to inform you when they break certain safety rules like speeding, hard braking, etc.

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Saving money for your fleet is a top priority. These 10 fleet fuel saving tips are sure to help.

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The Grand Canyon National Park is home to several large herds of elk. These incredible animals were not originally native to the area, but the park provides a certain level of protection for both animals and plants that often draws animals to make their homes there. Elk are increasingly moving into the park, but they are also interacting with people within the Village and park more often as well.

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