With growing concerns about a potential global threat stemming from the Marburg virus, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has asked the Pentagon’s Defense Threat Reduction Agency to pony up funds for bat trackers.

The Marburg virus is a close cousin to Ebola, one of the more terrifying viruses widely recognized by those in scientific communities. It is also carried by bats. When transmitted from bats to humans, the illness is lethal in nine out of ten victims when some dying within a single week.

There are two reasons scientists are so eager to study the nocturnal movements of bats. One is in hope of preventing the spread of Marburg and the other is in hopes of making progress for more effective Ebola treatments. The belief is that since the diseases are so closely related, making progress on one disease can boost progress on managing the other.

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Before you buy GPS trackers for your business or personal needs, it’s a good idea to explore your options and learn more about the various types of GPS trackers on the market today, such as these:

  1. Plug-n-play (hardwired). Charged by the vehicle’s power and cannot easily be removed from the vehicle.
  2. Battery powered. Batteries power the device and require periodic recharging.
  3. Solar powered. Batteries are recharged by exposure to sunlight.
  4. Personal. Used to track the location of people and/or animals. May be in the form of collars, bracelets, necklaces, watches, etc.
  5. Portable. GPS tracking that can be taken on the go. May be a handheld device or other portable mechanism.
  6. Vehicle. Prevent theft, track vehicle movements, and more with vehicle GPS systems. These systems can be hardwired into vehicles and commonly provide real time location and tracking services.
  7. Fleet. Allows businesses with many vehicles on the road to simultaneously track the locations and movements of all vehicles.
  8. Teen. Often installed on mobile phones or vehicles to track the movements and location of teens. Can even send notification to parents if driving at excessive speeds, going beyond certain geographic barriers, or operating during designated ‘sleep’ hours.
  9. Elderly. Instrumental in tracking the movements and locations of elderly patients with dementia and/or Alzheimer’s disease.
  10. Wildlife. Tracks animals in the wild (sharks, wolves, etc.) to study migration habits, feeding habits, population information, and more.
  11. Pets. Pet tracking can be attached to pets’ collars, so owners can track their locations when they are missing. This is not the same thing as microchips which are implanted and must be scanned to notify owners.
  12. Equipment. GPS tracking for equipment can help locate stolen equipment swiftly and smoothly.
  13. Assets. Used to track objects, like tools, equipment, and merchandise to aid in the recovery of lost and/or stolen items.
  14. Cell-based. Allows the use of cell phones to connect with cell towers to provide location information. Most require the downloading of a tracking app to work.
  15. Satellite based. Provide strong signals and allow the tracking of the device through a network of satellites in orbit around the planet.
  16. Overt. Obvious GPS tracking of goods, vehicles, or equipment that notifies others tracking is taking place.
  17. Covert. Tracking and location services taking place without the knowledge of those being tracked.
  18. Real time (active). Tracks and transmits relevant information about location and movement in real time.
  19. Data logging (passive). Gather and store information about vehicle location and movements. This information is not transmitted but must be retrieved instead.

Once you’ve identified the types of GPS tracking you prefer for your organization, you can then explore your options for getting the equipment and tracking services you require.

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Geofencing offers many possible benefits to businesses of all shapes and sizes. And, its popularity is growing. In fact, from marketing to deliveries and all points in between, today’s technology allows businesses to use geofencing in ways you’ve never considered before. These are just a few advantages geofencing has to offer your business.

Entice Customers to Visit Your Store

Because geofencing is location based, you can use it to generate enticing offers and incentives to encourage nearby customers to come into your store. It’s a great way to capitalize on local foot traffic. It’s also an incredible way to boost your sales.

Track Employee Time More Effectively

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