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16 May 2019

The LiveViewGPS Live Trac Platform is versatile enough to satisfy a wide range of personal and business applications. The premium GPS tracking service offers truly live coverage with updates every five or 10 seconds and compatibility with a wide range of devices to ensure exceptional customizability to meet your needs and interests.

What it is?

Live Trac is one of three LiveViewGPS matrix platforms. It offers the most power and versatility of the available platforms and many key benefits for business and personal users alike to consider.

It includes:

LiveViewGPS Live Trac Platform Benefits

Among the chief benefits of the Live Trac platform is the ability to track items, cargo, etc. instantly. With five of ten-second updates and email and text alert capabilities, you never need to worry about the location of your precious cargo or possessions again. In addition to outstanding tracking capabilities, Live Trac offers a full suite of services including the following:

  • Complete reporting suite.
  • Public map view (so you can share tracking results with others).
  • Unlimited geofencing.
  • High definition historical playback capabilities.
  • Advanced vehicle or equipment maintenance modules.
  • Data retention (90 days is standard, though one full year is possible)
  • Ignition alerts (delivering notifications when the ignition is started in vehicles and/or equipment).
  • Route deviation alerts.
  • Speed gauge integration and alerts (available).

Plus, you can track the whereabouts of your items from mobile devices or desktop computers. Know, in an instant, when your cargo, equipment, supplies, etc. move, stop, and arrive at their prescribed locations with the Live Trac platform.

Who is the LiveViewGPS Live Trac Platform For?

Business fleets, business suppliers, and individuals alike can find a great deal of usefulness with the Live Trac platform. Whether you intend to track people or possessions, this is an excellent tool to keep you on top of your items.

Devices Within the LiveViewGPS Live Trac Platform

The versatility of the LiveView GPS Live Trac platform doesn’t end with the range of services it provides. Instead, it extends to the equipment that works with the platform. These are the devices designed to work with the Live Trac platform matrix.

  • Live Trac EX
  • Live Trac G5
  • Live Track PT-10
  • Live Trac PT-LTE1
  • Live Trac PT10 Professional
  • Live Trac G5 Pro Vehicle Tracker

Whatever your tracking needs may be, there is a tracking device that can meet those needs and help you grow your business or accomplish your goals. We’ll help you find the right device and the right tracking platform for the right price to help you accomplish all your goals whether for business or personal use.

Contact us at 1-888-544-0494 to learn more about the LiveView GPS Live Trac Platform.

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