Securing Your High Value Mobile Assets with Mobile Alarm GPS Locator

15 May 2019

Secure your mobile assets with the MOBILELOCK portable wireless alarm system with GPS. MOBILELOCK is a self-contained portable alarm system that allows you to quickly and easily mount it to the devices or equipment you wish to secure. Top if off with web-based tracking and you can ke023456ep an eye on the location of your equipment at all hours of the day and night from y/.,nbvcxour favorite mobile device.

Benefits of MOBILELOCK

MOBILELOCK offers a wide range of benefits to individuals and businesses seeking to secure certain aspects that are either easily portable or out of sight for many hours of the day. The GPS aspect of the MOBIELOCK system means it offers real time tracking of the items the device is attached to if it is moved. However, that’s only a small benefit for this alarm system. Other benefits include the following:

  • Built-in rechargeable battery that lasts up to 30 days between charging.
  • Vibration sensors with seven levels of sensitivity.
  • Tilt sensors to send alarms if the item is tilted.
  • Movement sensors signal when the item is moved.
  • Siren alerts with multiple settings, including silent alarms.
  • Low battery alerts.
  • Ability to manage your alarms, alerts, and system through a mobile phone app.

This handy device is difficult to beat when it comes to convenience, ease of us, and multi-functionality. Almost any business can benefit from using it.

Ideal Applications for MOBILELOCK

While almost any business that needs to secure items can benefit from the MOBILELOCK alarm system, businesses that use any of the following have a lot to gain from this innovative system:

  • Trucks and trailers.
  • Storage units, even on-site storage units.
  • Heavy construction equipment.
  • Expensive tools that may be left on jobsites overnight.
  • Farm equipment.

Construction teams in the field of home construction also find MOBILELOCK beneficial for helping to secure appliances in homes that are under construction. The device can be attached to the interior of the appliances and send alerts if someone attempts to move or steal them.

MOBILELOCK is easy to install and use and highly effective for helping you track your costly equipment and tools. In addition to live tracking, you can set up your alerts to notify you of potential problems by email, text message, or phone calls. It doesn’t get easier than that for securing your high value mobile assets. When you learn how affordable it is to use and monitor, you’re sure to wonder why you didn’t do this for your business much sooner.

Learn even more about securing your high value mobile assets with a Mobile Alarm GPS Locator here.



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