Skid steers are useful tools for a variety of purposes. These versatile pieces of equipment are essential for construction businesses, excavation businesses, landscaping businesses, and many others.

Skid loaders are also quite an investment. That is why you should consider GPS equipment tracking. To protect your investment.

Below you will find important benefits for using GPS asset tracking for your skid loaders and other construction equipment.

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Earlier this year, the National Insurance Crime Bureau released information regarding insured tailgate thefts. According to the agency, data about these thefts has remained consistent for the past four years.

Statistics point to 1,877 claims of tailgate theft in 2016, and a slightly lower number of 1,788 thefts in 2017. These statistics are gathered based on insurance claims, so it is possible that the actual number of incidents are much higher.

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In collaboration with the Mississippi Department of Wildlife Fisheries and Parks, Mississippi State University’s College of Forest Resources is attempting to study how wild turkeys naturally navigate the landscape. Biologists are capturing these wild turkeys throughout the state, equipping them with a unique GPS tracking device and releasing them back into their natural habitat.

Biologists hope to capture interesting information about where wild turkeys frequent, what types of terrains they prefer, how long they stay in different areas, how long they’re on the move and how big of an area they typically traverse. The wild turkey’s movements are tracked in two schedules with one updated the location every 30 minutes and the other every 15 minutes.

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