Why Dispatchers Love GPS Fleet Tracking

13 Jun 2019

GPS fleet tracking offers many benefits to fleets. While some would fear that dispatchers would find it off-putting, most dispatchers love the benefits that fleet tracking with GPS has to offer their entire organizations. These are just a few of the reasons dispatchers are in love GPS fleet tracking.

Allows Them to Accomplish More with Fewer Resources

Imagine getting more accomplished during the day while paying fewer drivers and having fewer trucks on the road. That’s exactly what can happen when you improve dispatching efficiency with GPS fleet tracking. It’s not all about cutting fuel costs, which it helps with tremendously. It’s also about improving organizational efficiency, getting more work accomplished, and making more money for everyone in the end.

Takes a Painless Bite out of the Paperwork Process

Paperwork is the bane of a dispatcher’s existence. Especially when you have drivers that are reluctant or stubborn about turning in their logs and other forms. Fortunately, GPS fleet tracking does the reporting for drivers so dispatchers can focus on other duties rather than spending their precious time and mental energy trying to get drivers to cough up the papers they need.

Continuously Updates Maps

Another important thing GPS fleet tracking has to offer is a continuous process for updating maps. In cities where major growth, road constructions, and neighborhood developments are going on, keeping up with new roads, road closings, and traffic snarls and snags can be a nightmare.

GPS fleet tracking monitors all these things for you and helps you plan the most efficient, least congested routes so your drivers are still able to complete their duties in record time with minimal disruption.

Allows them to Monitor Drivers Unobtrusively

Drivers don’t like to feel like dispatchers are constantly looking over their shoulders and aren’t afraid to bite back when they feel like that’s what is happening. GPS fleet tracking allows dispatchers to monitor driver locations, driver behaviors, and stops and starts drivers make along the way without forcing them to feel like they’re being watched. It’s a win for both parties and the company as a whole.

GPS fleet tracking offers financial, reputational, and other benefits to organizations that use it. Dispatchers often find that they have better engagement and happiness with their roles in organizations where GPS fleet tracking is used well and wisely to encourage better driver results and greater overall success.

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