How to Optimize Your Fleet Dispatching

13 May 2019

If you’re a fleet dispatcher, you know you have a tough job ― especially if you’re still mapping routes and planning for contingencies by hand, or even using less sophisticated mapping programs. There are things you can do that will help optimize your dispatching efforts, though, like those listed below.

Prioritize, Prioritize, Prioritize

Have a system in place that defines which customers require immediate responses and prioritize remaining customers according to need. This way, the emergencies and/or VIPs get handled quickly and efficiently and the other matters are handled according to the severity of the need. The process works very much like triage in emergency rooms where the most pressing or life-threatening cases are managed before moving on to matters that, while still important to manage and treat, do not pose the same degree of urgency.

Use GPS Tracking Software to Manage Routing

Another important aspect for optimizing fleet dispatching is optimizing the routing. Using GPS fleet tracking software, you might be surprised to discover you can accomplish more with your routes in less time, allowing you to meet the needs of more customers in the course of your day. Just imagine what a difference it will make for your business if every truck in your fleet were able to service one more customer each day. Or even every other day. Everyone wins and your business improves customer satisfaction and profits!

Automate When Possible

Dispatchers are terrific people who wear many hats and thrive under pressure. However, the more aspects of their jobs you can automate, the more of their time you free up to put to use performing other tasks and responsibilities for your business. Plus, automating the process eliminates the risk of one thing even the best dispatchers are capable of – human error. Look for tools that allow you to reduce your reliance on humans for simple dispatch functions, like GPS tracking and other automation tools, and focus on other tasks and responsibilities for your employees to manage.

Have Documents in Order Ahead of Time

Stop wasting the time of your dispatcher and drivers by not having all documentation where it needs to be well ahead of schedule. Unnecessary delays murder productivity and bite heavily into profit. One way you can do that is by reducing the amount of paperwork required by digitizing. This is another area where GPS tracking can be instrumental.

Optimizing your dispatch process offers untold benefits to your entire organization. Not only will it allow your drivers to make more timely deliveries, but it can also reduce your labor costs, fuel costs, and unnecessary delays. If that isn’t enough, it can greatly improve customer satisfaction and customer referrals. That’s great news for your business.

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