7 Ways You Can Use GPS Tracking for Your Family This Summer

18 Jun 2019

Keeping up with your family as summer gets into full swing can be tricky in the best of times. Everyone seems to go his or her own way. There is a better way, though. From elderly parents to spouses, to teens, and more, GPS tracking can help you keep up with the movements of your family, and so much more, during the dog days of summer and beyond. Here are a few prime examples.

  1. Teen tracking. There are few things more terrifying to parents than handing over the keys to the car to their teen drivers. Even if your teen isn’t yet driving, he or she is probably rarely home. GPS tracking for teens allows you to keep tabs on your teen at all hours of the day and night. You can even track when teens leave designated boundaries and when they leave the house during designated quiet hours.
  2. Tracking elderly parents. Elderly tracking is another area where GPS tracking can take a weight off busy, burdened minds. Illnesses like Alzheimer’s disease and dementia can rob aging adults of memories and render them easily confused. GPS tracking for the elderly gives you the tool you need to track lost parents and help keep them safe.

  1. Hiking in parks. Never get lost when using GPS tracking for hiking. Personal GPS devices are available in handheld varieties that make it easy for you to always find your way home when hiking in parks across the country.
  2. Locate stolen vehicles. GPS tracking for lost vehicles provides you with real-time location information about your vehicle you can share with law enforcement to help ensure swift recovery of your stolen car.
  3. ATV tracking. Surprisingly enough, ATVs are common targets for thieves. GPS tracking makes it not only easy to identify your ATV as the one belonging to you, it also helps to locate your ATV when it has been stolen. Some GPS tracking for assets devices even provide notifications when ATVs are removed from specific geographic boundaries or operated during designated sleep hours.
  4. Fifth wheel tracking. Many people rarely pay attention to fifth wheel campers when they’re not in use. Some of them even park them in areas where they are out of sight and out of mind. One could be missing for days before anyone notices it’s gone without GPS tracking for fifth wheels to help with alerts, location tracking, and notifications.
  5. Tracking pets with GPS. GPS tracking devices for pets can be placed on your pet’s collar to help you locate Fido when he goes missing. This is an ideal choice to use in addition to microchipping, which is far from universal or guaranteed and will help you locate a lost pet, and sometimes, recover stolen pets as well.

These are just a few great ways GPS tracking can help you keep your family safe and protected all summer long, and beyond.

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