Car theft happens at dealerships far more frequently than anyone cares to admit. In fact, the news is filled with stories about car dealership thefts these days, including the theft of six vehicles from a dealership in Loveland, Colorado and three vehicles stolen from a Youngstown, Ohio dealership. If you own a car dealership, there are things you can do to improve security and reduce your risks of vehicle theft and your odds of recovery if thefts occur.

  1. Light it up at night.

Thieves prefer the cover of darkness to commit their crimes. If you have every corner of your dealership lit up like Christmas, it will make it an unattractive target.

  1. Fence it in.

Another great way to make your dealership a less attractive target is with the physical barrier a fence represents.

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After a raucous 2018 spring break season, Miami Beach made the move to ban rentals of motorized scooters for the entire month of March when thousands of young people flood the local landscape. Nearly 450 tickets were written to scooter drivers in March 2018, easily doubling, and then some, the combined total number of tickets written in the previous two months of the year.

For that reason, the City Commission deigned scooters to be a public safety concern and voted to ban their rental during the busiest month of the year. Some City Commissioners, though are beginning to rethink the ban, proposing new rules requiring motor scooter rental outfits to equip their scooters with GPS tracking instead. They would go one step further by requiring the creation of a 24/7 hotline where misbehaving scooter renters could be reported to local police and/or code compliance officers.

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Your outside sales fleet can be the life blood of your business. They are the movers and shakers that get people excited to buy and use the products or services you create and offer. They can also be a huge drain on your business if you don’t watch what they’re doing day after day carefully. These are just a few ways your business can benefit by using GPS tracking for outside sales fleets.

Protect Routes

Regardless of your promise to protect routes for your sales professionals, sometimes, aggressive members of your team will cross lines to seal the deal. You can help prevent this from happening by protecting territories with GPS tracking that alerts you when drivers are straying from their assigned routes.

Learn Where Your Reps are Spending their Most Time

Sometimes it is specific customers that require the greatest time and effort and at other times, it’s a matter of sale staff taking care of other business on company time. Either way, you can use GPS to learn where your team members are spending the bulk of their time outside the office and how well it benefits your overall business plan for them to do so.

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