NTSB Seeks National Safety Standards for Limousines

19 Nov 2019

On October 2, 2019, the National Transportation Safety Board, known as the NTSB, sent out a press release announcing the launch of an initiative advocating a national safety standard for limousines when it comes to seat belt systems and seating inside limousines. The organization has gathered information gleaned from limousine accidents in New Jersey, New York and Illinois, and the recommendation is that lap and shoulder belts be required for all passenger seating positions on all new vehicles designed or modified for use as limousines. It further stipulates that the seating systems be required to meet minimum specific standards for safety to ensure the structural integrity of the seats should a crash occur.

Safety is important for all limousines and limousine companies. It doesn’t require the National Transportation Safety Board to get involved for fleet owners to seek stronger safety standards for their limousine fleets. In fact, there are small steps you can take right away to aid in your efforts to improve safety for your limousines, passengers, and drivers. The first step fleets might want to consider is installing GPS fleet tracking on all fleet vehicles.

How Can GPS Fleet Tracking Make Limousines Safer?

The answer is simple and multi-faceted. GPS fleet tracking for limousines places a lot of power in the hands of fleet owners, including the power to do the following:

  • Establish alerts that notify you if drivers are speeding, weaving, harsh braking, or otherwise driving aggressively in your vehicles.
  • Automate the process for scheduling maintenance to prevent maintenance-related accidents and breakdowns in your fleet vehicles.
  • Routing drivers around bad traffic accidents, dangerous roads, and bad weather to improve safety for all parties.

There’s no denying that the safety of your fleet of vehicles, and the people who ride in them, is a massive concern for owners of limousine fleets. GPS is one small thing you can do to improve safety all around. It might also be worth your efforts to explore the NTSB’s proposals regarding safety belt systems and seating strengthening and safety requirements before making your next limousine purchase. The worst thing a limousine company can do is provide equipment that doesn’t meet the latest safety standards for years to come.

Be proactive in your efforts to improve the safety of your cars and staff so you can put the minds of your customers at ease that you are truly the best choice for them to make for safety’s sake. We can help. Call us here at LiveViewGPS at 1-888-544-0494.

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