10 Ways Parents Can Help Their Teen to Be a Better Driver

18 Sep 2023

While we can’t make decisions for our new teen drivers when they’re out on the road, we can help them to be better drivers to keep them safer while they’re in the car. Below, we’ll go over 10 ways parents can help their teen to be a better driver.

Give your teen extra practice.

 Driver’s education schools have minimum driving hour requirements before students can receive their driver’s license. This includes hours spent with a driving instructor plus hours spent driving with a parent or other experienced driver.

Depending on the state you live in, the minimum number of hours they need can vary. Many experts believe that student drivers need at least 50 hours in total or 2 hours each week for 6 months before a new driver will be safe and proficient enough to drive by themself.

If your state requires less than 50 hours, give your teen more driving practice until you’re both sure they’re ready to drive by themself.

Talk to them.

 Make sure to have a serious discussion with your teen about the responsibilities of driving and the statistics relating to teen driving accidents and distracted driving.

Set rules and expectations.

 Set rules and expectations for your teen including curfew, how many friends they can drive with (if any), and where they can go. Also, make it clear that driving intoxicated or high is unacceptable.

Set clear consequences.

 Make it clear that driving is a privilege and breaking the rules will result in consequences like a temporary revocation of their driving privilege.

Drive in varied conditions.

 If your student driver is only getting experience driving on sunny days on the open road, then they’ll have a real shock when they encounter traffic jams or rain on their own. It’s important to expose your student driver to all of the various road conditions like highways, traffic jams, heavy rain, and night driving.

Teach them routine car maintenance.

 Take some time to teach your teen driver some routine vehicle maintenance. This should include checking the air pressure, battery level, and transmission fluid. Also, show them how to change a flat tire.

Make sure your teen driver’s car meets all safety standards.

 Avoid a cheap “beater” that’s on its last legs and misses safety standards.

Choose a mid-size or full-size car.

 Choose a mid-size or larger vehicle that offers optimal crash protection. Avoid sports cars that will encourage them to speed.

Set a good example.

 If your child sees you driving aggressively or recklessly on the road, they’re more likely to imitate you. So when your teen is in the car be extra aware of your driving behavior.

Use a GPS tracker.

 GPS trackers for teens are an extremely valuable tool that can be used to monitor your teen driver’s driving behavior, location, and maintenance schedule. It can alert you in the case of hard braking or accelerating or an accident. Plus, many insurance companies offer discounts for vehicles with GPS trackers.

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