Iowa Farmer Saves Money Using GPS Tracking to Apply Fertilizer

24 May 2016

Spring has sprung, and with the warmer weather and longer days comes the start of the busy season for farmers in Iowa. They will spend the days of spring applying herbicides and nitrogen fertilizer to their land, as well as cultivating, before planting their crops.

For one Iowa farmer named Robb, the application of fertilizer to his land differs from some other farmers; he uses GPS tracking technology to apply his fertilizer.

Why does he do this? Because it helps him follow the same path where he applied the fertilizer when he heads out into his fields with his planter. This tactic allows him apply less fertilizer to the land, which allows for greater cost control.

Farming can be expensive, and given tight budgets, it’s vital for farmers to strategically sow their land. In addition to using GPS  tracking technology for farming to apply fertilizer to his land, Robb also sprays his own fields. He purchased a spray broom for his tractor, which is also helping him save money on fertilizer. Many farmers hire companies to spray their land, which means that they have to not only pay for the herbicides that are used, but they also have to pay for the services that these spray companies provide.

Robb sprays his fields right before planting his crops. This allows him to kill off any weeds and cover any crops that are already growing. The result is a clean field to plant in that allows both corn and soybean plants to grow without having to compete with the weeds. By using these techniques, Robb is able to have more success with his crops while also saving money.

The use of GPS tracking technology for agriculture, as well as the other approaches that Robb is taking for planning and planting his crops this year is a first. So far, it seems as if the efforts will be successful and will allow Robb and his family to enjoy a more successful planting season, with increased crops and reduced spending.

Other farmers in Iowa, and around the country, would benefit from following Robb’s lead and taking advantage of GPS tracking technology and the other tactics that he is using. Robb’s efforts can easily be replicated and have the potential to increase the farming industry throughout Iowa, on a whole.

Generations ago, applying fertilizer was done with blood, sweat, and tears, and a good old-fashioned shovel. Then, with the advent of large farm equipments, tractors were used to expedite the process. Today, with the advancements in technology, farmers can be even more efficient and save money by using GPS tracking for their farming tasks.



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