GPS Asset Tracking for Harvesting Equipment

7 Sep 2022

Farmers who operate large machinery to work and harvest their farmland rely heavily on large harvesting equipment. Good, reliable equipment is vital for every small or large-scale farming operation. It enables farmers to produce and harvest quantities of crops that our ancestors would find unbelievable.

One of the best and most cost-effective ways to simultaneously protect harvesting equipment while increasing its efficiency is to use GPS asset tracking for all harvesting equipment. Below, we’ll go over some of the biggest benefits farmers will receive from implementing GPS tracking for their harvesting equipment.

Field mapping

Field mapping is an important part of every large farming operation. Accurate and real-time field mapping is made easy by GPS tracking. This will provide you with invaluable data relevant to your farming operation and make optimization simpler with accurate GPS location.

Reduce manual labor

GPS tracking and monitoring will help you to better plan tractor routes to reduce fuel consumption and manual labor hours. This will save you money on gas and manpower.

Landmarks and geofencing for monitoring crops and boundaries

It’s easy to set up and program geofences and landmarks around your farmland with our GPS software. This data can be applied to monitor certain areas to provide you with information about your crop yields. For example, it can help you to monitor the quality of your crops and how well they are growing/yielding. You can easily record the location of soil samples and their quality, the amount of fertilizer certain crops need, and any pest treatments to better inform your farming going forward.


While theft isn’t rampant in many rural areas, unfortunately, it does happen. Theft of smaller equipment like shovels or a few ears of corn isn’t going to hurt your bottom line, even if it is bothersome. Your harvesting equipment is a whole different story.

Each piece of harvesting equipment is a major asset to every farm. Harvesting equipment can easily cost thousands of dollars, and larger tractors and equipment can break into the hundreds of thousands. Therefore, you want to protect your harvesting equipment from theft at all costs. Losing a major asset could seriously cut into your bottom line.

GPS tracking makes monitoring harvesting equipment easy. If you think something has been stolen, you can easily find its real-time location with GPS tracking. Furthermore, you can set up geofences that alert you whenever a piece of equipment passes outside the boundary so you can act immediately and get your equipment back.


 Using GPS tracking can also lower your insurance premiums. Having reliable GPS tracking on all of your vehicles and harvesting equipment will go a long way with insurance companies, simultaneously keeping your assets safe and reducing the insurance company’s risk.

If you utilize large farm equipment for growing and harvesting crops, consider GPS tracking for the above benefits and more.



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