Insured Tailgate Thefts on Slight Decline, But Still a Problem

4 Apr 2018

Earlier this year, the National Insurance Crime Bureau released information regarding insured tailgate thefts. According to the agency, data about these thefts has remained consistent for the past four years.

Statistics point to 1,877 claims of tailgate theft in 2016, and a slightly lower number of 1,788 thefts in 2017. These statistics are gathered based on insurance claims, so it is possible that the actual number of incidents are much higher.

The news release lists the five states reporting the largest number of tailgate thefts for 2016 and 2017. They are Texas, California, Florida, Arizona and Nevada respectfully. The big cities frequently targeted are Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Los Angeles and Fresno.

Tailgate thefts occur frequently because the high cost of the replacement item. The expensive part and potential profit a criminal can make outweighs the risk of stealing one for many car thieves. New tailgates can be worth over $1,300 in some cases.

There are a number of devices on the market today that can help protect car owners from theft or help them in recovering a vehicle that has already been stolen. Tailgate locks are a well-known and cost-effective way of deterring theft, and the National Insurance Crime Bureau recommends utilizing these to combat tailgate thieves. The tailgate will need to be swung open to remove it, but it won’t be possible for criminals without a key.

GPS tracking for cars is also becoming increasingly common, and devices can be purchased that will relay your cars location even in the event it’s stolen by theives. When your car is equipped with GPS tracking, you will be able to find its exact location, report the information to police and ensure the quick return of your property.

Knowledgeable car thieves are more likely to avoid stealing a car that has an obvious (overt) GPS system because it increases the likelihood they will be caught by law enforcement. Car owners should consider both GPS tracking for cars and tailgate locks to protect their valuable property.



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