Dodge Muscle Cars Make a Repeat Appearance on Top HLDI’s List of Most-Stolen Vehicles

27 Dec 2023

The relationship between a person and their car can be a personal thing. Not only is a car an important financial asset, but for many of us it’s a point of pride, especially if we’re proud of the make and model of our car.

This sentiment applies to many owners of Dodge muscle cars. Buyers don’t usually choose a Dodge muscle car because they’re cheap and practical, but because they appreciate the brand and model of the car, it looks cool and they like driving them.

Well apparently, buyers aren’t the only ones who like the look of Dodge muscle cars, because these vehicles have once again made the top of the Highway Loss of Data Institute’s (HLDI) list of most-stolen vehicles.

Owners of the Dodge Charger HEMI and the Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat (model years 20-22) beware – according to the HLDI’s list, these are two of the most stolen vehicles in the nation.

How frequent were thefts for these vehicles?

According to the HLDI’s newest reports, thefts of the Charger SRT Hellcat happened more than 60 times more often than the average of all 20-22 models, while thefts of the Charger HEMI were more than 20 times higher than the average.

Although Dodge Charger and Challenger models have continued to appear on most-stolen vehicle lists since 2011, the increase in claims has skyrocketed in recent years. Experts believe that thieves may target these vehicles because they contain large, powerful engines – the same reason so many legitimate owners appreciate these models.

There were 25 whole-vehicle theft claims per 1,000 insured 2020-2022 Charger SRT Hellcat vehicles, whereas there were only 18 claims per 1,000 for 2019-2021 models, showcasing that newer models were at a much higher risk of theft. If you go back a couple more years, the increase is even more staggering, the most stolen 2017-19 model, the Infiniti Q60, reported only 2 theft claims for every 1,000 insured vehicles.

This is why HLDI is warning owners of Dodge muscle cars, especially the Hellcat, to be extra careful with their vehicles and take extra precautions to protect them from theft.

So if you own one of these models, what can you do to prevent theft?

Secure Your Vehicle With GPS Tracking

GPS isn’t just for navigation, the right GPS tracking device can also prevent the (successful) theft of your vehicle.

The truth is, besides locking your vehicle, parking it in lit-up areas, and inside a locked garage, there’s little you can do to protect your car from theft. However, when it comes to vehicle recovery, there is a lot you can do. Namely, using a GPS tracker.

When you use GPS trackers, specifically covert GPS tracking devices, after your vehicle is stolen you can notify the police, providing them with the real-time location of the car. Allowing the cops to return your car to you ASAP.



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