GPS Tracking for Small Tool Tracking

27 Apr 2017

Lost tools and the time spent searching for misplaced tools on job sites can put a substantial dent in your company’s bottom line. Even one single missing or damaged tool can add onto the time it takes to complete a task and boost the labor costs for a specific task by a wide margin.

When spread across a large project, it can add up to thousands of dollars in wasted labor. Not to mention it can cause your project timeline, schedule, and budget to be blown out of the water.  This is in addition to the costs of repairing or replacing your tools.

Using GPS equipment tracking for small tools is a great way to protect your investment in tools, keep your projects on target, and quickly locate missing or misplaced tools – increasing productivity, reducing costs, and keeping your projects finished on time creating happier customers. These are just a few ways GPS tracking for your small equipment and tools can help you boost your profits.

Locate Missing Tools Quickly

Small tools can easily be misplaced on job sites. They can get placed on the wrong trucks, not put back in the right location, or even go home attached to employees’ belt loops because they’ve forgotten they had them. Then, of course, there’s the outright theft of tools.

Things like nail guns, impact drivers, drills, and power planes for industrial use are small and can easily get lost amongst the many tools you have for business. GPS tracking allows you to pinpoint their locations so you can get back on task quickly – eliminating lost labor and the associated costs.

Identify Tools Stolen from Job Sites

There are many great things to keep in mind about GPS tracking for small tools. It’s not just about identifying their locations at any given time, which is essential for locating and recovering your missing tools. It is also about setting up notifications that send you text messages whenever these small tools leave their assigned job sites. This means that if they go home with an employee or are stolen and taken off your site, you can get fast notifications while the action is taken place. The ability to act quickly, is critical in the recovery of these costly tools and GPS tracking helps with that.

The bottom line is that GPS tracking for your worksite equipment and small tools means more money for you. It reduces expenses, labor, and tool loss and improves productivity on the job for everyone. The big question you need to ask yourself at this point is why haven’t you taken the plunge and made the investment in GPS tracking for your valuable tools.

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