GPS Tracking for Moving Containers

9 Oct 2023

GPS tracking for moving containers offers a cost-effective and efficient way to track your shipping containers in real-time. GPS tracking for moving containers allows you to monitor the location, movement, movement history, and more. Below, we’ll go over a few of the benefits of GPS tracking for moving containers.

Improve Security

Shipping containers of all shapes and sizes are vulnerable to theft. With GPS tracking solutions, you can track down the location of your container if it’s stolen, report it to the police, and get your asset back to you as quickly and safely as possible.

Furthermore, you can create geofences that send an alert whenever containers pass the virtual boundary you’ve established. So as soon as a container goes where it shouldn’t be, you’ll know.

 Increase Customer Satisfaction

GPS tracking for containers also helps you boost customer satisfaction. The highest customer satisfaction is always achieved when customers know the location of their products, and the timeline, and can even track the delivery via their phone or computer. Visibility is key to a successful supply chain business and GPS tracking solutions deliver the ability power to share and update your customers regarding the ETA of their packages, thereby keeping customers in the loop at every stage of transportation, increasing visibility, and boosting their satisfaction with your services.

Eliminate Container Rentals

In addition to container theft, container rentals are another problem for trailer fleets. When your company is managing dozens or hundreds of containers, it can be easy to lose track of individual containers and sometimes they get misplaced or lost. To make up for your lost equipment, sometimes you have to pay out of pocket to rent pricey equipment, which damages your bottom line.

With GPS tracking solutions, you never have to worry about losing containers and resorting to equipment rentals.

Increase Accountability

GPS tracking for containers also increases accountability. It helps you verify invoices from drivers regarding stops and time spent on the road. You can view movement history to ensure all invoices are correct and you’re never overcharged for driver services.

Improve Logistics

When you have to keep track of hundreds of containers and packages, logistics can become overwhelming. But with state-of-the-art GPS tracking software, you can have all of your package and container data at your fingertips while receiving alerts on movement, delivery, and more.

GPS Tracking for Moving Containers from LiveViewGPS

At LiveViewGPS, we provide the best asset trackers for any sized container, big or small. We also have a wealth of information so you can learn more about asset trackers for containers to better inform your decision when you decide to purchase a GPS tracker.



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