How GPS Tracking is Being Used in Corn Mazes

2 Nov 2017

For many people, fall is all about family fun. From harvest festivals and hayrides to haunted houses and trick-or-treating with little kids dressed up like goblins, ghouls, and more, there is a lot to love about this time of year – including corn mazes.

GPS tracking technology is changing the way the world works. One way, a little off the beaten path, it is making changes is at your local corn maze. Whether you live in farming country where corn mazes are elaborate community affairs, or just outside the city where visiting fall corn mazes makes for great fall fun, you might be surprised by the intricate attractions corn maze operators are cooking up this harvest season.

Using GPS to Create Corn Mazes

In recent years, farmers have taken to technology to help them deliver bigger, better, and more engaging corn mazes than ever before. All it really takes to create a spectacular event is graph paper and a GPS-equipped tractor (or even ATV, really) to create the foundation for the maze.

Some farmers have even made efforts to make their mazes more artistic in nature with stunning designs or even recreations of famous works of art, such as the Mona Lisa. With modern GPS systems available that are accurate to the centimeter, it is easier than ever to recreate these artistic renderings in exceptional detail – bringing art to life in the middle of your local corn field.

Upping the Fun Factor

While GPS reigns supreme when it comes to creating fun and elaborate corn mazes, it also helps to increase fun for families, groups, and couples as they navigate their way through the corn mazes by offering GPS guidance allowing them to take in all the twists and turns or find the fastest way through the mazes. This means you can literally follow your progress through the maze via your smartphone and find your way to the exit quickly and easily by following your dot on the map.

As technology advances we’ll see more complex corn mazes and bigger attractions to go along with them. Some corn mazes have already incorporated things like cider stands, laser tag fields, obstacle courses, and other attractions. GPS can help with some of these newer attractions and other technologies will assist with others. The goal is to make corn mazes more fun for families all over this great land. GPS tracking is helping to do that in more ways than one.



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