GPS Tracking for Caterers

20 Feb 2019

Caterers provide delightful food for a variety of events on any given day. Some, high demand days, may have you feeling more like a circus operator than a caterer. Believe it or not, GPS tracking for caterers can help you eliminate many hiccups in your day that can slow you down and cause problems with your crucial deliveries. These are just a few ways GPS tracking can help keep your catering business on track today and every day.

Locate Obscure Event Locations Effortlessly

GPS tracking services provide regular updates to maps and full coverage in your community. This means that whether the location is old, new, or somewhere off-the-beaten-path, the right GPS tracking system for your business can help get you, and the important foods you’re bringing with you, there.

Ensure Accurate Billing

Not only does GPS offer directions, it also offers a clear timeline of when you left to take care of business for specific events and when you returned to your base of operations. This can be used to support your billing number for things like:

  • Fuel costs
  • Mileage
  • Labor (it also provides a reliable timeline for on-site laborers like bar staff and servers who work for you).

This means you and your clients can return to the GPS record of the evening if there are questions, concerns, or billing disputes.

Optimize Your Schedule

Like it or not, some times of the year are busier and more chaotic for your catering business than others. For instance, Mardi Gras ball season in New Orleans is a busy time for fabulous caterers based in and around the city. Holidays and wedding season are also high-demand time for caterers. As you well know.

GPS tracking can help you with your scheduling needs to make sure you have the right staff on hand to handle the deliveries and details of each job without breaking a sweat. This allows you to optimize your schedule to make more clients happier during your busy seasons to help sustain you during slower seasons.

Improve Customer Experience

While your main objective is to provide outstanding food to each and every one of your customers, your other goals involve delivering an outstanding customer experience. GPS tracking allows your customers to track your trucks en route to their events to ease tension and eliminate concerns over hungry guests without food to meet their needs. It also provides them with confidence in the billing process and helps ensure that you arrive on time for your important events.

GPS tracking might not seem like that big of a deal for your catering business. However, once you understand the many ways it can help you grow your business and do more with less time, you’re sure to wonder how you ever managed without it.


If you own or manage a catering company with a fleet of trucks, give us a call here at LiveViewGPS at 1-888-544-0494 to learn how GPS fleet tracking can benefit your business.

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