GPS Tracking for Shuttle Services

21 Aug 2023

There is a wide range of shuttle services available including employee shuttle services, airport shuttle services, assisted living shuttle services, resort shuttle services, and more. Each of these services is necessary to get passengers from point A to point B.

While the demand for shuttle services is constant, the logistics of shuttle services can provide challenges that can make or break a business.

Managers need to stay on top of everything from changing schedules to driver availability, shuttle maintenance, and route management to ensure that the bottom line is supported and customers are satisfied.

One of the best ways to improve shuttle services is by incorporating state-of-the-art GPS tracking into each shuttle.

GPS tracking can benefit your shuttle service in the following ways:

Route Optimization

GPS tracking makes finding the best route easy. It can help with planning out routes in advance and updating you with real-time changes on the road so drivers can bypass accidents, unsafe road conditions, and more.

Route optimization cuts down on the length of each trip, saving your company on gas and increasing customer satisfaction with shorter drives.

Real-Time Status Updates

When you have a fleet of shuttles outfitted with GPS trackers, it makes scheduling shuttles and updating customers that much easier. Dispatchers can see where each of their shuttles is in real-time so they can make accurate updates on shuttle status and let passengers know when the next shuttle will return to pick them up.

Vehicle Maintenance

Managing multiple shuttles can pose a number of problems, not least of which is keeping track of vehicle maintenance. Keeping vehicles properly maintained is essential to preventing roadside breakdowns and maximizing fuel efficiency.

GPS tracking can monitor maintenance schedules and alert you when your vehicles are due for a maintenance checkup so you don’t have to keep track of each schedule by yourself.


While regular maintenance does help prevent breakdowns on the road, sometimes they happen regardless. Also, there’s always the risk of an accident on the road. With GPS tracking, you can know as soon as there is a breakdown or accident and send emergency services (in the case of a serious accident) or another shuttle (if it’s a breakdown) to pick up the passengers wherever they are.

Live Trac G5 Pro Vehicle Tracker

If you want a highly sensitive GPS tracker that updates every 10 seconds and can send notifications and alerts on the road, you can’t do much better than the Live Trac G5 Pro.


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