How Pest Control Companies Can Benefit from GPS Tracking

27 May 2014


Like drivers of landscaping companies, pest control company drivers spend a lot of time on the road every day. And like many industries that do business today, this is one that benefits greatly from GPS tracking. In fact, GPS pest control tracking reduces expenses, increases productivity, and provides a greatly improved profit margin for large and small pest control businesses alike. These are a few of the reasons why.

Verify Termite Treatments and Other Service Calls

It’s important to know where your drivers are at all times. When it comes to termite treatments and other service calls, you want to be able to verify the amount of time spent on any given property in case a customer decides to dispute a charge. GPS tracking records where the truck is at all times during the day. It’s a simple matter to verify the location for your customer’s knowledge as well as provide evidence to support your charges if the case goes to court.

More Efficient Route Scheduling

With GPS routing, pest control companies can add between two and four service calls to their books each day. This has a huge impact on the bottom line for your business, especially when you consider the fuel savings that go along with GPS tracking and routing.

Encourages More Responsible Employee Behavior

Pest control employees operate with a great deal of autonomy. They don’t often have supervisors breathing over their shoulders all day. The temptation to take things a little too slowly, go off course in between jobs, or even run personal errands on company time are great for many drivers. GPS tracking, though, reduces that temptation in a big way because it’s simply too easy to get caught.

Additionally, GPS monitoring of driving speeds is a huge incentive for drivers to keep speeds steady and avoid potential tickets, insurance price spikes, and speed-related accidents. In this way, GPS tracking helps you save on insurance, fuel, and more over the course of a year. It also lets employees know that you take safety seriously.

Promotes Proper Maintenance of Pest Control Vehicles

Because your vehicles spend so many hours on the road every day, the maintenance needs of these vehicles are slightly higher than the average personal vehicles. Keeping your fleet of vehicles well maintained can prolong the life of the vehicles, reduce risks of breakdowns, and help your vehicles maintain optimal levels of fuel and oil consumption. Your GPS fleet tracking and monitoring tools can notify you of vehicle needs for routine maintenance and help you monitor other conditions that might warrant action on your part as well.

In 2012, there were 65,400 pest control workers in the U.S. according to theU.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Those numbers are expected to rise by about 20 percent over the next ten years, which is well above average. Pest control companies that operate multiple vehicles will do well to invest, now, in GPS tracking for their businesses as things are only going to become more challenging, from a dispatch perspective, in the future.

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