FMCSA Announces National ELD Implementation Tour

27 Jul 2017

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) of the U.S. Department of Transportation announced the public education and outreach campaign called its electronic logging device (ELD) Implementation National Tour that’s tailored for assisting commercial motor vehicle (CMV) drivers with their switch to ELDs.

Across the country, in several cities, experts in FMCSA subject manner will lead ELD implementation based panel discussions and presentations that are driver-focused. All carriers, by law, who are accountable to the ELD Rule and don’t have an Automatic On-Board Recording Device (AOBRD) by 12/18/2017, must switch from logging software or paper logs to a registered ELD. At their exhibit booth, FMCSA agency staff will provide materials and resources that are consumer-friendly, answer questions, and review carriers’ and drivers’ responsibilities.

The rule will gradually switch AOBRDs with ELDs over a 4-year implementation period for carriers using AOBRDs prior to the 12/18/2017 rule compliance date.

The intention of the ELD rule is to provide drivers with a safer work atmosphere. It’s also designed to make it faster and easier to track, share, and manage records of duty status (RODS) information accurately.

An ELD integrates with the engine of a vehicle to record driving time automatically for more accurate and easier hours of service (HOS) recording.

The ELD Rule:

  • Details who’s secured by the rule and who’s an exception.
  • Accommodates for ELDs to be registered, certified and indexed on a FMCSA website.
  • Ensures ELDs are compliant and standardized by including technical specifications.
  • Ensures carriers and drivers have enough time to comply by including a phased implementation timeline.
  • Helps prevent harassment of drivers and data tampering by including certain provisions.
  • Makes it quicker to share RODS and demonstrate compliance with safety officials by creating standard data transfer and data displays processes.

ELD Rule Impacts

Drivers and carriers accountable to the rule are required to install ELDs and use them by the appointed deadline.

Drivers and carriers are required to switch to ELDs by 12/18/2017 who are using logging software and paper logs

Drivers and carriers are required to switch to ELDs by 12/16/2019 who use AOBRDS before the compliance date

ELD Manufacturers are required to certify their ELDs, conform to ELD technical specifications, and register both with FMCSA

Enforcement Partners are required to comprehend compliance and enforcement procedures and which regulatory guidance is relevant to each during every implementation phase

Click on the ELD events page to learn more about FMCSA’s ELD Implementation National Tour 2017, and its dates and locations.

You can read about common frequently asked questions about the ELD Rule here.

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