New Development in Keyless Entry Car Theft Prevention

10 Nov 2019

Keyless entry is one of the most attractive features in cars today. It allows you to get into your cars without digging around in the bottom of a purse for your keys or fishing them out of deep pockets, adding a layer of convenience that is unmatched in modern driving.

Couple that with the convenience of keyless ignition and you can even start your car without ever retrieving your keys. The key only needs to be in close proximity. This convenience, though, comes at the price of greater risks of vehicle theft. The good news is that new developments are making keyless entry less accessible to thieves, protecting your car and the investment you’ve made in it.

How Big is the Problem of Theft Due to Keyless Entry?

Sky News reports that keyless entry has allowed the rise of car thefts by tech savvy thieves to increase by nearly 30 percent in the past three years, making it a fairly substantial problems for car owners and insurance providers alike.

Additionally, Admiral Magazine claims that research conducted in 2017 discovered that vehicles from 30 manufacturers could be unlocked with a simple electronic device. The question now is simple. How can you protect your vehicle with keyless entry?

Preventing Keyless Entry Car Theft

There are several things you can do to help prevent the theft of your keyless entry car, including the following:

  • Store your keys inside a lockbox (or another metal box) inside your home.
  • Keep your keys a safe difference from your door (or your parked car) when you are home.
  • Keep your keyless entry car parked in a locked garage.
  • Consider using an anti-theft steering wheel lock. Most thieves are inherently lazy and will choose a target with fewer obstacles to overcome. Of course, this diminished some of the ease of using a keyless entry vehicle.
  • The New York Times even suggests keeping your keys in the freezer, which acts as a Faraday cage preventing the signal from getting in or out.

Unfortunately, no matter how many precautions you take, there are still chances thieves will have better tech with farther-reaching signals than anticipated and still manage to steal your keyless entry car. One other layer of protection to consider isn’t preventative but can help you recover your car faster and safer if it is stolen: GPS tracking for cars.

With this type of tracking you have a GPS vehicle locator that can follow your car in real time. You can even create alerts that notify you if your vehicle is activated during designated sleep hours or leaves specific geographic boundaries. This allows you to notify law enforcement promptly for the swift recovery of your stolen car.

Prevention is the best cure. When that fails, however, GPS auto tracking is the best tool you have available today to help you get your car back.

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