Construction Equipment Worth a Half a Million Dollars Stolen from Tractor Company

19 Nov 2018

A family-owned business had construction equipment stolen that was worth around a half million dollars, according to Pat Toole, the owner of Greenville Tractor Co.

The manager, Andrew Reese, stated when they showed up on Monday morning at the tractor place, they noticed a machine sitting on top of a dirt pile. They also said the chain around a gate of theirs was broken, assuming the thieves had cut the link.

One excavator and seven compact track loaders of different sizes were taken, according to Reese. Also missing were other smaller, but costly accessories.

According to Lieutenant Ryan Flood, even though Greenville Tractor Co. didn’t have surveillance cameras around their property, across the street the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office found a surveillance video.

He went on to say at least two 18-wheeler trucks broke into the place and used cutters around the fence.

The sheriff’s office released a photo of one of the 18 wheelers to 7News they are looking for to help find the construction equipment thieves. Reese says, “Any small lead that we can get to recoup from this equipment would be very helpful to us.”

They ask if anyone has information about the theft, to please call either the sheriff’s office or Crime Stoppers at 23-CRIME.

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