How GPS Tracking Can Benefit Your Construction Site

27 Jul 2022

GPS tracking is a versatile technology with many uses in a variety of businesses, including construction sites. Installing GPS tracking into your construction work vehicles and equipment can safe your business a lot of money and support your bottom line by reducing theft, monitoring driver behavior, reducing fuel costs, and more.  Below are three major ways how GPS tracking can benefit your construction site.

Theft of Equipment

 Construction vehicles and equipment are the major asset for every construction company, and replacing them can be expensive, ultimately cutting into your bottom line. Whether it’s robbers breaking into the construction site under the cover of night or workers taking equipment home with them, theft is a serious problem in construction.

Using GPS tracking devices in all vehicles and equipment is a great way to protect against theft. If anything is stolen with a GPS tracking device, then the thief can easily be tracked down and your valuable assets can be returned to you.

Monitoring Driver Behavior

 Poor driving habits pose huge liability risks to construction companies. Construction sites can be a dangerous environment for everyone if even one worker isn’t driving safely. Not only can they harm themselves, they can harm others, along with damaging equipment, vehicles, and the construction projects themselves. In addition, if other people notice bad driving being done in one of your construction vehicles, it can destroy your firm’s reputation and drive clients away. Therefore, good driving behavior is essential for every worker at a construction site.

Although we like to think that our workers are all following safe driving habits, this unfortunately is not always the case. The best way to monitor driver behavior is to use GPS trackers in all construction vehicles. GPS tracking allows you to monitor speed, fast acceleration, and hard braking so that you can identify which driver’s need to be told to drive safer or face termination.

 Reducing Fuel Costs

GPS trackers can also help to reduce fuel costs. First, they can help you identify if any drivers are falsifying their gas bills to pocket a little extra money. GPS trackers can help you keep track of fuel consumption and compare it to how much money was spent at the pump to figure out if any workers are taking money from your business by claiming extra fuel costs.

Secondly, GPS trackers can monitor which drivers use more fuel than others. In this case, which drivers are honestly using more fuel because of their driver behaviors, not because they are stealing gas money. GPS tracking can help you to identify drivers that use more fuel so that you can address the problem and give them tips on how to save fuel while they’re driving. For example, no hard accelerations, reduce idling, etc.

What are you waiting for? Incorporate GPS tracking into your construction site to begin reaping the benefits.



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