7 Ways Businesses are Tracking Employee Productivity

2 Nov 2022

Monitoring employee productivity in some way has always been an important part of running or managing a business, but as more employees went remote during the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses all over the world began increasing ways to track employee productivity. Whether you’re a business leader in an office environment, oversee multiple construction sites, or manage a fleet of vehicles, it’s vital that you track employee productivity.

Tracking employee productivity gives you essential information regarding what employees are doing on the clock.

Continue reading to learn 7 ways businesses monitor employee productivity.

Email and message monitoring

 Email and message monitoring is a common way that employers track productivity in the workplace. It allows employers to see messages sent and received from company email addresses and monitor messages on company software platforms like Slack and Microsoft Team Messages.

While it is legal to monitor email and messages without notifying your employees, in some states you are required to notify employees, so check with your state’s guidelines first.

Browser activity

 Seeing what your employees are viewing on their browsers can provide vital information on whether or not they are working throughout the workday. For example, if there are several searches for Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, or Netflix during the work day, then that employee was most likely using company time for leisure.

You can view employees’ browser activity easily if they are using the company network or they are using a company computer. Monitoring software is another option if you want to monitor what they use offline as well. Employee monitoring software will allow you to see what apps employee use.

Mouse movement

 Tracking mouse movement provides data on how active employees are when they’re working. This is especially useful for monitoring remote employees. It tracks how much employees are moving their mouse to see whether or not they’re really active and using their computer.

Time-tracking software

 Time-tracking software allows employees to manually record their time doing a variety of tasks. This is more of a hands-off approach but may provide more accountability for employees’ actions by forcing them to see how much time they are actually spending working.

Timed screenshots

 Timed screenshots use software that periodically takes screenshots of employees’ screens during the work day. This encourages employees to stay on task and allows employers to see evidence of when employees are slacking off.

Keystroke logging

 Keystroke logging records every key employee’s press during the workday. This helps to reduce time spent away from work tasks while employees are on the clock.

GPS tracking

 GPS tracking is an extremely effective way to monitor employee productivity when vehicles are involved. Whether employees periodically use company vehicles to leave the office or employees regularly make deliveries, GPS tracking is a must-have for any business that uses company vehicles.

GPS tracking provides real-time data on where employees drive company vehicles. It also tracks driver behavior so you can receive data and alerts (i.e. speeding, harsh braking, idling) on how your drivers behave on the road.



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