What Benefits Do Fleets Gain From Geofencing?

15 Oct 2019

Your fleet company invests a great deal of money and time in acquiring fleet machinery, vehicles and equipment it requires for getting the job done. Having peace of mind that these invaluable assets are always exactly where they should be can be an asset in itself. Fortunately, now you can have that peace of mind. With a tool called geofencing through GPS fleet tracking, you can enhance fleet operations and improve fleet risk management remotely and in real-time.

What is Geofencing?

A geofence is similar to a real fence, except it’s a “virtual” perimeter of a geographical area you select. It’s a service provided by a variety of software, devices and apps that uses GPS tracking for triggering an action (like a text message notification) when one of your assets leaves or enters the virtual boundaries of your selected location.

GPS tracking enables you to track and monitor your vehicles’ locations in real time. GPS tracking with geofencing is an important tool for fleet companies with vehicles on the road and is essential for your daily operations since it helps reduce costs, streamline operations and increase efficiency.

Benefits of Geofencing to Fleets

Geofencing proves to be a robust tool for various industries that need to monitor their assets on a constant basis and manage their remote workforces. Benefits of geofencing software include:

  • Theft prevention: Provides great insights on your drivers and vehicles and helps you eliminate any form of theft whether it’s fuel or materials.
  • Boosted productivity levels: Geofencing allows you to pinpoint inefficiencies which helps you optimize usage of fuel, time and staff efforts, resulting in increased productivity.
  • Effective route monitoring: A huge factor that improve will improve customer satisfaction is timely delivery. You can achieve this by tracking the routes regularly and directing your vehicles to the routes most optimal.
  • Effective communication: You no longer need to rely on manual confirmation from your drivers when they reach or leave a destination. Geofencing great improves fleet manager communication.
  • Enhance efficiency: Increase dispatcher efficiency by getting rid of manual paperwork and decreasing administration burden.
  • Monitor shippers and receivers: Identify those shippers and receivers that are unproductive and detain your drivers too frequently and for too long.

Client satisfaction is no doubt a priority for your fleet company. This makes knowing where your drivers are at all times and monitoring deliveries essential. When you have a client that calls asking when they should expect delivery of their order, with geofencing, you can provide them with an accurate time instead of an “approximate” guess.

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