Summer Hiking and Biking Safety Includes Carrying a Personal GPS Tracking Device

10 Jul 2014

Summer is the perfect time for enjoying the great outdoors and warm weather by going on a long hike or biking trip. However, it can also be dangerous if you are not prepared. One of the best tools to bring with you on your trip is a GPS tracking device, as it helps you find out where you are and where you are going, has a 911 emergency call button, and provides a wide range of features for safety.

Benefits of Using GPS Trackers

While mapping and navigation is definitely a big bonus to having a GPS tracking device with you during outdoor excursions, it isn’t the only way you benefit from this technology. GPS tracking devices are very durable, which means they can withstand your hiking, biking, or camping trip. They are also often waterproof, so are great for any type of weather conditions.

A good quality GPS system has a battery life of at least15 hours or more, but always bring extra batteries. The coverage of the newest tracking devices are excellent, no longer limited to only a cell phone’s coverage. They also have extra features like a barometer, altimeter, and features for geocaching.

Of course there is also the advanced mapping features that help you figure out your location in case you get lost or need to get emergency help. Take for example this lost Mt. Hood hiker that was lost, but then found after posting his GPS coordinates on Facebook.

GPS Trackers Specifically for Hiking and Biking

With so many different GPS tracking devices available, it can be difficult knowing which one to choose. The best way to go about it is looking for trackers specifically tailored to outdoor adventure, as they are excellent for hiking and other outdoor activities. These trackers usually have special features, a longer battery life, and an emergency feature that calls 911 if you get into a dangerous situation and your cell phone isn’t working.

Features to Look For

For hiking and bicycle riding, find a GPS tracking device that is durable and works in all types of weather conditions. Be sure it is waterproof so it doesn’t stop working if it starts to rain or snow while you are out. It also should be portable and battery operated. While it should be rechargeable, you’ll want an extra-long battery life and more mapping capacity for longer hikes.

It should also have a feature that records your route. This isn’t just helpful to know where you traveled, but it helps you get back the same way. Take your time when choosing the GPS tracking device to be sure it has all the features you need for convenience and safety.

Additional Safety Tips

Aside from improving your safety with a good tracking device, there are some other things to keep in mind during your hiking and biking trips. Make sure you always have enough water in your pack for staying hydrated as springs are not always available. Let someone know where you are going and when, and hike with others when it is in an option. Carry along a paper map and compass just in case your GPS device runs out of battery or stops working.

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