GPS Tracking for Fifth Wheels

8 May 2017


One of the great things about fifth wheels is that they are easy to pack up, load up, and take off on the open road, whether that’s trip along Route 66, through Napa Valley, or exploring New England. It promises ease when traveling near or far and allows you to bring many of the comforts of home along for the ride. It is this same ease of movement that presents one of the biggest potential problems for fifth wheels – theft.

The Security Problem with Fifth Wheel Trailers

Fifth wheel trailers are easy to tow from one spot to the next. That is part of their attraction for many families. All you need is a fifth wheel hitch and a pickup or SUV with adequate horsepower to tow the trailer.  What this also means is that anyone with the right hitch and truck combination can drive off with your trailer if you don’t take preventative measures.

Fortunately for you, there are a few things you can do that will make your fifth wheel a less attractive target for thieves, not to mention make it more likely to recover your fifth wheel quickly if a theft occurs.

Protect Your Fifth-Wheel Investment with GPS Tracking

A fifth wheel trailer can cost between $18,000 and $160,000. Either side of that equation represents a sizeable investment worth protecting. GPS tracking for trailers allows you to protect your trailer in at least three ways.

First, by acting as a deterrent for thieves by making it a less attractive target. Most thieves are looking for an easy score. They don’t want to be bothered with the additional complication GPS tracking adds to the mix. That is why you want to make it obvious that your fifth wheel is being tracked.

Second, by facilitating a fast recovery of fifth wheel trailers that are stolen. Because GPS tracking systems offer the ability to track the vehicle live, you can provide law enforcement with the precise whereabouts of your trailer as soon as you know it’s missing. That allows them to locate and recover your fifth wheel quickly and often before any real damage has been done.

Third, by providing email or text notifications whenever your fifth wheel leaves a designated perimeter. This benefit is important for people who have their fifth wheels parked in camps or in locations where a theft may not be discovered for days or weeks. Time is critical for recovering your fifth wheel undamaged and this feature alerts you as soon as your fifth wheel is outside the target area so you can notify law enforcement immediately.

GPS tracking can make a big difference in the safe and effective recovery of your fifth wheel trailer. Now is the perfect time to protect your investment with a GPS tracking system of your own.

Have you recently purchased a fifth wheel? Have you thought about protecting it with GPS tracking?  

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