4 Fall Weather Industries that Can Benefit from GPS Fleet Tracking

5 Oct 2017

We all know that winter is coming, but before that happens, there are four fall weather industries that just might benefit greatly from GPS fleet tracking tools and technology. If you operate one of these types of businesses, then maybe it is time to consider taking the plunge and investing in GPS fleet tracking for your business.

1) Chimney Inspection and Sweeping Companies

Many people spend the fall season preparing for long, cold winters ahead. One way they do this is by engaging your services. That means that fall can be quite hectic for your business.

GPS fleet tracking for chimney inspection and sweeping companies ensures that you make it to all the customers on your list, that routes are planned with greater efficiency in mind, and that your employees are accountable for their routes and actions.

2) Landscaping Companies

Fall can be a busy time for landscaping companies as many homes shift gears to focus on leaf pickup and renewal ahead of the coming winter. This means your landscaping company has some busy days ahead of you.

GPS fleet tracking for landscaping companies can help you reduce your labor costs by encouraging your workers to work more efficiently, planning more efficient routes, and offering a healthy sense of competition among employees to get their jobs done better and faster. You can also use this opportunity to determine which jobs might not be earning quite the profit you’d like so you can decide whether you need to raise rates on certain properties for fall cleanup or recommend another company to handle the business.

3) Gutter Cleaning Companies

Clearing gutters of leaves, sticks, and other debris is a necessary part of the home winterization process. This means that your business is very busy this time of year helping homeowners with this important task.

GPS fleet tracking for gutter cleaning and installation companies allows you to schedule more efficient routes for your workers, ensures your workers are visiting the proper home (especially beneficial when working for homeowners that may work during the day), and monitor your driver’s actions behind the wheel to safeguard the reputation and public good will for your gutter cleaning company.

4) HVAC Companies

HVAC companies have plenty of furnaces to inspect and ducts to clean as winter approaches. Yearly inspections of furnaces are important to many homeowners – and to your business.

GPS fleet tracking for your HVAC company provides you with the ability to provide more accurate appointment windows, verification of service calls, and helps you plan for the maintenance needs of your fleet vehicles more effectively, too.



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