How Gutter Cleaning and Installation Companies Can Benefit from GPS Fleet Tracking

30 Oct 2016

Gutter cleaning and installation businesses know that every penny in their business matters. Your work is often seasonal, meaning that you have a few months to try to maximize your return on investment for the entire year. That is why GPS fleet tracking is a winning proposition for your business. These are just a few of the ways your business can benefit from the installation of GPS fleet tracking on all your vehicles.

Provide Accurate Appointment Windows

Very few things can improve your customer satisfaction ratings better than the ability to provide customers with accurate estimates of when you will be there to clean out or install their new gutters. They don’t want to take an entire day off work to wait for you to show up and they don’t want to be bound to their homes for hours on end either. Giving accurate windows ensures that they know when you’re coming and can be ready for you to arrive.

Schedule More Efficient Routes

GPS fleet tracking allows you to schedule routes that are more efficient. This saves time, conserves fuel, and allows you to reduce overtime payments and unnecessary fuel consumption as your go about your days.

Ensures Arrival at the Right Location Every Time

Nothing can be more frustrating for gutter cleaning and installation businesses than to learn that you’ve arrived at the wrong house to provide an estimate or clean out gutters – other than discovering this after the work has been done. GPS fleet tracking maps are updated frequently so that you can send your drivers out with confidence that they will be arriving at the right property.

Send Alerts for Prescribed Behaviors

This behavior can vary greatly according to your preferences. However, GPS fleet tracking can be setup to notify you of any or all of the following concerning your vehicles:

  • Necessary Maintenance
  • Speeding Drivers
  • Aggressive Driving
  • Hard Braking
  • Excessive Idle Times
  • Route Deviations
  • After-Hours Travel

This can help you keep your vehicles in great working condition, extend the life of your vehicles, encourage better driving, reduce speeding tickets, eliminate drivers moonlighting in your vehicles, and help you reduce costs for fuel, labor, and vehicle costs over the long term.

Verify Billing

In many cases, GPS fleet tracking systems can be customized to create invoices that record the time drivers spend on each job site and the equipment and inventory that are used on each job. This helps create more accurate billing and invoices and the GPS aspect of it verifies the time drivers spend on the location should any disputes arise.

GPS fleet tracking systems have a lot to offer businesses, like yours, that clean and install gutters. With so many positives to consider, the big question to ask yourself is why aren’t you using GPS fleet tracking to help improve your bottom line and improve customer satisfaction and loyalty?

Do you own or manage a gutter cleaning and installation business? Contact LiveView GPS today at 1-888-544-0494 to learn how GPS fleet tracking can benefit your company.



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