How GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems Help HVAC Companies

31 May 2012

Where are your service vehicles right this minute? At a customer’s location installing or repairing units? Stuck in traffic? Pulled over to the side of the road with a flat tire? Idling in a nearby park? Being driven off by a carjacker?

With a GPS vehicle tracking system in place you can locate and follow your company vehicles 24/7 from anywhere via a web browser or web-enabled phones.

You can manage employees more effectively when they are on the road, which is important for HVAC companies since your service technicians rarely spend much time at the office.

You can use GPS system-generated reports such as starts/stops to plan routes more efficiently; excessive idling to reduce fuel costs; aggressive driving reports and speeding alerts to reduce traffic citations, improve driver safety and keep insurance costs low.

Improve HVAC Services with GPS Tracking

HVAC GPS systems offer numerous advantages that can improve the services you offer customers. Not knowing where your mobile employees are at any given time or what they’re doing or when they’ll arrive at a location can damage your business’ reputation, especially if you compete against HVAC companies that use vehicle tracking. A GPS vehicle tracking system helps both your field technicians and your customers by:

  • Locating which employees are closest to a client’s location
  • Using real-time guidance to find the fastest route to a location by avoiding traffic and accidents
  • Ensuring drivers do not take unauthorized breaks
  • Making sure that company vehicles are only used for business matters

Saving Money with an HVAC GPS System

A GPS vehicle tracking system can help your HVAC business save money by providing the information needed to make smarter decisions. As a result you can:

  • Choose efficient routes that save time and use less fuel
  • Enforce safe driving standards so your employees do not get tickets
  • Improve safety to keep vehicle insurance affordable
  • Locate missing HVAC parts by viewing the location history
  • Reward drivers who do their jobs safely and efficiently

Make Your HVAC Company More Competitive with GPS Tracking system from LiveViewGPS

Many HVAC companies base their business decisions on inaccurate estimates, on guesses. No more.

A GPS vehicle tracking system gives you the detailed reports you need about routes and response times for more accurate billing estimates and more efficient scheduling, perhaps even adding more stops in a given period of time. And when problems arise, you have the data you need to make instant decisions.

There are GPS vehicle tracking systems to fit almost any business requirement or any company budget, regardless whether your fleet consists a few vehicles or a few hundred.

Contact a GPS supplier to learn more about how they can help your business increase efficiency and productivity, lower operating costs and improve customer services.

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