Being in the fleet cargo industry and making sure that your supply chain is in proper flow is a challenging task. Every minute is vital in your business processes; particularly because it can impact things like your trade efficiency system, operational costs, and economic productivity.

In order to manage your assets properly, you need a reliable, optimized solution that will allow you to scale your business. This solution doesn’t need to just work, but it needs to last too. Thanks to GPS cargo tracking, you can enhance the security and productivity of your fleet business and the cargo you transport.

This solution improves the speed and accuracy in the transportation of goods and products and other cargo-related activities. It also eliminates delayed or misrouted cargo shipments,  helps you manage your inventory better, and aids in the recovery of cargo theft.

Benefits of GPS Cargo Tracking

There are many benefits to GPS tracking, with some including:

  • Helps with cost reduction
  • Helps to make invoicing and reports faster and more accurate
  • Eliminates the risks of lost or misplaced cargo or containers
  • Offers efficient dispatch
  • Enables you to track all your cargo easily and in the most fast, efficient and reliable way
  • Enables you to easily identify cargo
  • Enables you to locate stolen cargo
  • Helps you to increase asset utilization
  • Decreases cargo delivery delays and lowers the risks of cancellations
  • Boosts customer’s/client’s retention
  • Offers you built-in motion sensors so you always know where your cargo is at all times
  • Allows you to set up custom alerts and get real-time updates
  • Reduces compliance risks
  • Increases the safety of employees with remote monitoring to ensure all safety policies are being adhered to

There are many other benefits to using this type of automated solution for your cargo business, but these are some of the more common ones.

When looking to improve your transportation monitoring and cargo tracking, GPS fleet tracking for cargo is your answer since it provides you with automated and data remote cargo management tools, enables you to focus more time on your business, and spend less time having to manage your assets and improves your bottom line.


To learn more about improving the security of your fleet’s cargo, contact LiveView GPS and we’ll explain how GPS fleet tracking can work for your business.

The contest is between three prominent production companies who will build the new GPS satellites,: Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, and Boeing.

This three-way contest is being held by the U.S. Air Force in order to work on new GPS 3 satellites. Billions of dollars are at play here, with just one of the firm’s winning the opportunity to build the final GPS satellites. The winner will be chosen to build up to 22 next-generation GPS satellites.

Each of the firms receives up to $6 million dollars to try their hand at producing the new GPS 3 satellite. Following the contest, the U.S. Air Force will choose just one firm who is going to produce all of the following 22 GPS next-generation satellites.

According to Lieutenant General Samuel Graves of the U.S. Air Force Space and Missile Systems Center, they are ready to work with the winning firm. He said in a statement:

“Industry told us they were ready to compete for the GPS 3 space vehicles. We look forward to working with Boeing, Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman to assess the feasibility of a follow-on, competitive production contract.”

Boeing previously worked on satellites for the U.S. Air Force until 2008 when Lockheed Martin took over all GPS manufacturing projects. There are negotiations for Lockheed Martin to build an additional two satellites during the summer, in addition to the other 32 that were in the original contract. However, there have been issues with the satellite’s navigation payload, which was originally developed by Exelis and now owned by Harris. This has gotten the GPS project behind schedule by over two years, so the first of the new GPS 3 satellites won’t be launched until 2017.

Due to the delay, the cost of the satellites has increased to $4.4 billion from $4.1 billion. This increase and delay is what inspired the idea of a contest by the U.S. Air Force, where Boeing and Northrop Grumman have a chance to compete against Lockheed in order to win the GPS contract. If one of the other firms out-performs Lockheed, they will win the contract for the remaining GPS satellites.

Besides providing timing, tracking, and navigation functions to U.S. civilian, commercial and military users, the new GPS 3 satellites will have a search-and-rescue signal, a nuclear detonation detection system, and other updates.

One of the most terrifying fears families of older adults in advanced stages of dementia face is the fear of their loved ones wandering off and forgetting the way home, who they are, or where they are. The idea of a parent wandering around lost, confused, and, quite likely, afraid is one of the most common reasons adult children consider when placing aging parents, particularly those with advancing stages of memory impairments, in senior living communities for better protection.

Many senior living communities are adopting portable GPS tracking units that help them locate residents with memory impairments quickly and efficiently when they wander off. The benefit of these devices go well beyond the ability to geographically identify the location of residents who have wandered off, though.

These are just a few of the ways senior living communities are using GPS to keep tabs on their residents.

Set Alarms to Send Notifications when Wearer Crosses Specified Boundaries

This provides notification to the facility anytime a resident wearing one of these bracelets passes a specific boundary. It can be the edge of the property, the parking lot, or the exits to the building. Once the threshold or boundary is crossed staff members will receive an alert via text message, email, or other specified method letting them know of the danger so the appropriate next steps can be taken.

The other benefit is that it allows memory care residents to have some degree of freedom on the property or within their own homes while offering the security of the GPS tracking once they leave their safe zones.

The real peace of mind comes to family members who feel this is an opportunity for their loved ones to feel as normal as possible while still having a safety net to keep track of what’s going on.

Tracks Residents for Meals and Other Activities

Depending on the size of the senior living community, it can be quite a chore to track residents who have a tendency to wander off for things like meals, medications, fitness activities, memory care treatments, and other activities that are conducted at specific times. GPS tracking can be conducted indoors and out so that your staff can quickly locate residents and keep them on track for their scheduled activities.

Provide Families with the Ability to Track from Home

Families can’t always come in to check on their loved ones every day. The ability to monitor or “check in” from home can be a game changer when it comes to offering peace of mind. It can also significantly reduce the number of anxious phone calls from families checking in on their parents.

Seconds can matter when a resident may be injured, lost, or afraid. Tech-forward senior living communities are adopting GPS tracking technology for the day to day care of residents with Alzheimer’s, dementia, and other memory impairments. Is yours?


If you’re interested in getting personal portable GPS tracking units for your senior living community, give us a call here at LiveView GPS at 1-888-544-0494 or feel free to email us at or chat with us here.

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