Employers aren’t the only ones who benefit from GPS fleet tracking technology. In fact, employees have a lot to gain by working in businesses that use this technology. These are just a few of the benefits GPS tracking services bring to the table for your employees.

1) Improved Safety for Drivers

One great thing about GPS fleet tracking is that it encourages businesses to revisit their safety protocols for their drivers – and enforce them. While some drivers may initially view this as invasive, the overriding goal is to make the work environment safer for all. GPS fleet tracking can be set to notify the company of erratic driving, speeding, aggressive driving, and harsh braking.

These aren’t the only ways by which GPS fleet tracking improves safety for drivers. It is also instrumental in helping to maintain vehicle safety by notifying and even scheduling routine maintenance. This keeps trucks in great shape.

2) Eases Record Keeping Burden on Drivers

If you ask any driver what the least favorite aspect of his or her job happens to be, your likely answer is record and log keeping. GPS fleet tracking does all this for the drivers. This takes the pain out of the job for them, which is always a plus. An added bonus is that the GPS location aspect of the record keeping process provides a verifiable proof of location when false accusations are levied against them.

3) Provides More Accurate Dispatch

There is little more frustrating to employees than dispatch that has them running around in circles. Cities are growing more rapidly than maps can keep up with. New addresses for deliveries, new roads, road closings, and countless other things that can become logistical nightmares for drivers. GPS fleet tracking systems are continuously updated to account for new addresses and growing cities. Additionally, you can elect to have up-to-date traffic rerouting and weather notifications as they affect your business. You may even choose to use GPS to provide more efficient routing for drivers throughout the day.

4) Presents Greater Earning Potential for Employees

GPS fleet tracking reduces fuel costs, increases driver efficiency, grows businesses, and increases profits all around. This results in greater customer satisfaction and better earning potential for your employees. There’s nothing at all negative about that.

5) Increases Job Security

Growing businesses aren’t likely to go out of business. Employees who follow the protocols are very likely to have job security as the business is more profitable. Profitable businesses are also more likely to pay higher wages and provide better benefits to employees which makes them all around better places to work.

These reasons are only the beginning. The truth is that there are many more great reasons employees benefit from GPS fleet tracking. You’ll only fully understand once you see it for yourself though. Now is the perfect time to give GPS fleet tracking a try.

According to the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, a group of Korean scientists has observed part of the Nansen ice shelf breaking off.

Ice shelves are large areas of ice that can range from 100 to 900 meters thick. Icebergs are large pieces of freshwater ice that have broken off from an ice shelf or glacier — are are floating freely in open water. The Nansen ice shelf is located 50 kilometers south of the Jang Bo-go Antarctic Research Station.

After part of this ice shelf broke off, it split into two icebergs, and these bergs are not moving north. One of the icebergs is 150 square kilometers and the other is 55 kilometers. Together, the surface area of these two icebergs is 70 times larger than Yeouido.

The ministry was able to witness the breaking of the ice shelf through satellite footage. This is a first in history.

In order to keep track of the broken ice, officials planted a GPS tracking device on it. The location and the movement of the iceberg will be recorded, thanks to the GPS tracking instrument. Additionally, “Arirang Five”, a radar imaging satellite, will keep a close watch on the movement of the iceberg and any melting that may occur.

In 2014, the ministry located a crack that was 30 kilometers in size along this ice shelf and they witnessed glacier water running through the crack. This information is quite troubling, as the breaking ice shelves and glaciers could have a significant impact on sea levels around the globe. When this happens, it can accelerate the migration and melting of glaciers that remain in the Antarctic. It is estimated that the sea levels around the world would rise by 70 meters if all of the glaciers at the South Pole were to melt.

According to researchers, the breaking up of this ice shelf will provide significant information regarding the reason why sea levels rise. With this information, they can work on developing procedures or practices that could have the potential to slow down the melting of icebergs and ice shelves.

This information could be extremely valuable for the entire planet, as individuals would be able to take efforts to preventing the further melting of the ice, thus preserving the life and the health of planet Earth.

The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB,) in conjunction with the National Equipment Register (NER) is making strides to deter the theft of heavy equipment. Through better documentation, accurate equipment identification, proper reporting, increased site security, and a better understanding of the threat of theft, owners of heavy equipment can reduce the incidents of theft.

In a report issued by the NICB, the most common types of heavy equipment stolen by thieves were identified. The report was based on data that was reported by law enforcement to the National Crime Information Center (NCIC,) which is then profiled according to the state, the city, and the months the thefts occurred in, as well as the type, the manufacturer, the style, and the year the equipment was manufactured.

According to the report, in 2014, there were a total of 11,625 heavy equipment thefts that were reported to law enforcement officials. This is up by 1.2 percent, from the 11,486 thefts that were reported in 2013.

Of all of the states where heavy equipment theft was reported in 2014, Texas ranked number one, with a total of 1,650 thefts. North Carolina ranked second, with 918 reported thefts, and Florida ranked third, with a report 915 thefts.

Of all of the heavy equipment that was stolen in 2014, the most common items included:

  1. 5,051 mowers, including riding and garden tractors (43 percent)
  2. 1,907 loaders, including skid steer and wheeled (17 percent)
  3. 1,475 tractors, including wheeled and tracked (12 percent)
  4. 343 excavators (3 percent)
  5. 301 forklifts (2 percent)

The top manufacturer targeted was John Deere, followed in order by:

  • Kubota Tractor Corp
  • Bobcat
  • Caterpillar
  • Toro

Regarding recoveries, only 23 percent of the heavy equipment that was reported as stolen in 2014 was found. These thefts are costly to all parties who are impacted by them, including insurance companies, equipment owners, and rental agencies.

According to the NICB, theft prevention strategies are vital to reducing the amount of thefts that occur.

The best theft prevention practices include:

  • Installing hidden fuel shut-off systems on equipment.
  • Removing fuses and circuit breakers when equipment is left unattended.
  • Making equipment difficult to move, or completely immobile, when it is not in use.
  • Keeping, and maintaining, a photo archive and a detailed list of the PIN and component part serial numbers associated with each piece of heavy equipment.

GPS asset tracking, otherwise called GPS equipment tracking, can help to thwart theft and recover your equipment quickly.

Proper precautions and overall awareness are crucial to preventing the theft of heavy equipment.

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