1. Change your drivers behavior.  This will save you money and improve safety.  With SpeedGauge, you’ll know the exact location, as well as date/time when drivers have exceeded posted speed limits.

2. Reduce fuel your monthly fuel spend.  Reduce idle times, miles driven and speeding.

3. Verify time at the job site to validate invoicing and employee time.

4. Recover a stolen vehicle and contents within it.

5. Many times, provides for an insurance reduction.

6. Improve Your Customer Service!  Never ask – Where are my drivers at again!

7. Company vehicle location awareness and real time visibility.

LiveViewGPS loves telematics.   Let us show you what we can do your your company today!

GPS tracking isn’t just for long haul drivers and taxi cab companies. Almost any business that has vehicles on the road stands to enjoy many benefits when adopting the right GPS tracking technology.

Waste management companies are no different. You have so much to gain by making the move to GPS tracking of your waste management vehicles and absolutely nothing to lose for doing so.

These are just a few ways you, as a waste management company, can benefit from GPS tracking services.

Ensure Proper Employee Use of Vehicles

When it comes to waste management vehicles, the trucks are larger than the average vehicle on the road and the liability risks are great when drivers act irresponsibly behind the wheel.

While no business wants to believe drivers are behaving erratically behind the wheel, GPS tracking gives you the opportunity to explore what is going on with your vehicles and accusations of excessive speed or recklessness are levied against your drivers.

Not only does GPS tracking work proactively to encourage safe driving, but it also works defensively to defend your drivers and your company against false accusations. Finally, it may help lower your insurance costs as this does helps to reduce risks to insurers.

Verify Efficiency of Routes and Compliance of Drivers

Laying out the most efficient route possible for all drivers helps to save your company big when it comes to fuel costs. Of course, this is only possible if drivers comply with the routes set out for them.

When savings don’t add up to what you think they should, it’s a simple matter to verify whether or not drivers followed the routes assigned to them – taking into account any traffic driven detours or accidents.

The main goal is to ensure that drivers are taking care of company business, rather than personal, on company time, and that your business is making acceptable use of its resources.

More Accurate Pickup and Delivery Estimates

While this is not a business the average person associates with pickups and deliveries, you know all too well about the many deliveries made throughout the course of the day for waste management companies.

The ability to provide a narrower window of time for deliveries and pickups is something time-crunched customers of your business appreciate immensely. It will give you an edge over the competition and make your name the top name to know when it comes to waste management for anyone who has enjoyed this particular benefit.

While getting costs down is the number one benefit for many businesses considering GPS tracking systems for their vehicles, there are other benefits that make these devices well worth the investment. Explore your options today and see what a difference it can make for your waste management company.

Used car dealers are now using updated GPS tracking technology for cars they finance, in case a buyer defaults on payment.

Selling a used car to someone who has a bad track record for paying their bills on time, has no credit, or who has poor credit is always a risk. However, many dealerships are turning to GPS tracking technology to sell cares to high-risk buyers.

Since there is no real guarantee they will receive their payments, and these high-risk customers can really put a dent in their revenue stream, many used car dealerships have decided to incorporate modern GPS tracking technology.

Global positioning systems (GPS), which uses the same technology for mapping and navigation, are being used by local car dealerships in Waco, Texas for tracking purposes They are installing GPS tracking devices in used cars they sell so that they can locate the car if someone misses a payment.

The devices are only placed in vehicles that are financed through their dealership, so that they can retrieve the car from the buyer if they do not receive a monthly car payment. Not only does it give the dealership more security, but it enables them to sell cars to those with poor or no credit.

There are at least three dealerships in the area using GPS tracking devices, including Massey Motors. The customer gives consent to them before installing the device; most are fine with it because it ensures they can get financed for their car.

Eddie Massey, who is the owner of Massey Motors, says the dealership doesn’t track the vehicle immediately. IT first sends notices to the customer letting them know their payment is late, then begins calling their references.

If they are still unable to get payment or the customer does not return the vehicle for missed payments, the dealer will then use the GPS tracking device to locate the car. Massey tries to work with people before resorting to getting the car back from them. However, she feels that if they get more than a month behind, she probably won’t see payment from them.

While each tracking device costs about $150, most car dealership owners believe it is worth the investment. The average monthly car payment is more than that, so they are getting their money’s worth. If nothing else, it encourages the customer to pay their monthly car payment on time, or at least contact the dealership if they can’t pay for whatever reason.

Not only do the customers sign a contract saying they understand their vehicle is tracked with a GPS device, but they are legally abiding by the rules to not deactivate, remove or destroy the device. There are also some dealerships that can use a GPS tracking device that also shuts down the vehicle, if they need to.

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