Chimney sweeping companies face many challenges during busy seasons of the year. GPS fleet tracking services can help weather the swift uptick in calls and service orders leading into the fall and winter season without missing a beat.

These are a few key ways that GPS fleet tracking is beneficial to chimney sweeping companies throughout the country.

Ensures No Customers are Left Behind

The busy season for chimney sweeping companies can get a little hectic. As many homeowners run through their yearly checklists of projects to get through the winter it seems that everyone calls for chimney sweeping services in the same three to four-week window of time. It’s great for business, but makes it far too easy for customers to slip through the cracks for businesses that operate via paper invoices and written directions.

With GPS fleet tracking, the information is entered as it comes in the appointment is scheduled and worked into the route without anyone getting left out of the queue. No customers are missed and your business gains a reputation for dependability.

Cut Costs for Your Chimney Sweeping Business

Even during the busiest days of the year, it is possible, with the help of GPS fleet tracking software, to plan routes that are not only fuel efficient, but also that help reduce overtime for your drivers. This is more savings for the business and helps to improve customer satisfaction by offering more accurate appointment windows and reliable arrival times.

This, in turn, helps you keep your costs lower when so many other chimney sweeping services are forced to consider fuel surcharges or raise hourly rates in order to accommodate the rising costs of fuel and labor.

Service Call Verification

GPS records can be used to track where company vehicles are at all times during the day – including where they’ve been. This means that if you need to know which vehicle is nearest an emergency at any given time, the GPS can detect it.

It also means that if they are ever disputes about whether services were rendered, you can view your history to tell where trucks where at any given time and how long they stayed at the worksite or location – which serves as a good indicator of whether or not the service was provided.

Encourage Employee Accountability

Ultimately, GPS tracking allows you the opportunity to find out who your strongest chimney sweeping employees may be by evaluating a combination of information including the amount of time spent on each site, the amount of time spent driving from one chimney sweeping job to the next, and customer feedback about work quality and customer service. If nothing else, it can provide incentive to employees to step up their efforts in order to compete with each other.

In these cases everyone wins. Employees get to feel good about the challenges, customers get a job well done, and you have an engaged workforce – something that may have been lacking in the past.

What’s the takeaway? GPS tracking can boost profits, send customer satisfaction soaring in a great way, and help your business build a better reputation in your local community. Isn’t it time you give your chimney sweeping business the competitive edge GPS fleet tracking provides?

Do you own or operate a chimney sweeping company with a fleet of vehicles? If so, give us a call here at LiveView GPS at 1-888-502-3636 to learn how GPS fleet tracking can help improve your chimney sweeping business.

When it comes to advanced statistics, the NFL is ramping up its game by evaluating the use of GPS tracking for its players. These GPS tracking devices are about the size of a thin flip phone and are positioned in the middle of the back of an athlete, typically underneath a compression shirt.

Once the biometric sensor comes to life, each movement the athletes make, each muscle twitch, and every heartbeat are tracked and turned into numbers which arms teams with data about the athlete’s potential, performance, and health.

It’s thought to be the next logical step in information collection for the biggest and most profitable professional sport worldwide, where this type of data is both precious and lucrative. The statistician’s dream is professional football where numbers have a big impact on coaching decisions, fantasy leagues, bets and a deep connection between the game and fans.

The NFL can now collect information at an extraordinary level, thanks to the newly introduced GPS trackers. Teams are now leaning on data and technology for not only preventing and rehabilitating injuries, but also for preventing them, which is ultimately the end result goal of the trackers.

The front offices can use the collected data when evaluating potential trades and contracts as well as the athletic trainers and coaches can decide how hard they are going to push players in games and practices.

Testing on the GPS trackers began a year ago and to this date, there are 32 NFL teams that use some sort of GPS tracking.These trackers will be placed under each player’s shoulder pads and will provide live-tracking movement during the entire game.

The minute a player puts his shoulder pads on, the NFL can begin tracking them inside the tunnel and out on the game field. Once in play, the player is tracked and their speed, movement and route traveled is measured.

For now, the majority of the information gathered through the technology is being held so the NFL can determine if the technology is being used fairly and is properly integrated into the game.  However, for now, the information collected through the trackers is being used by the statistic geeks for analysis, however, in the future, it might just end up as a regular part of training regimens and injury and strategy analysis.

According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) and reported in the Insurance Journal, a decrease in car thefts is being seen all over the country. In the year 1991, car thefts were at their highest. Since then, they have been steadily decreasing with each year. Between the years 2003 and 2011, car thefts have dropped by 43 percent and were lower in 2013 than they had been since the 1960s.

With this good news comes bad, however. As it turns out, even though car thefts are decreasing, thieves are more frequently stealing parts off of newer vehicles. These thefts are costing are resulting in significant expenses for car owners, car rental companies, insurance companies, and dealerships around the country.

Thieves typically steal lucrative car parts such as tires and rims and then quickly resell them to dealerships or repair shops. They are getting away with this in one of two ways. First, thieves focus their efforts on newer cars parked in parking lots, neighborhoods, or dealer lots. Easy access to these cars enables them to quickly remove tires after jacking the car up. Additionally, thieves are able to shift the car into neutral after disabling the gear shift and move it off site where they can remove lucrative parts.

Why are thieves focusing their efforts of tires and rims? The first reason is perhaps the most obvious, it is becoming more difficult to steal entire vehicles so car thieves have had to adjust their strategy. Additionally, tires and rims are are often unmarked and they are in high demand. Because of this, it is incredibly easy to quickly sell the stolen parts.

Ease of resell isn’t the only factor attracting thefts of these parts, they also typically have a pretty high resale value, making a thief anywhere from $150 to $400+ dollars. Most often the person buying from the thieves is a middle man who is able to turn around sell these parts for closer to $700 to $900 to small dealerships or repair shops.

It is important for car owners to be aware of news trends in car thefts so they can take steps to protect themselves and their property from theft. Some experts have recommended marking tires and rims to make them uniquely identifiable if they are found or sold after being stolen.

Additionally, business owners and managers providing vehicles to their employees for job-related transportation should also be aware of the risks of theft. Because of this, it is important that all business vehicles are outfitted with GPS fleet tracking to assist in tracking down vehicles if they are stolen for parts.

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