GPS isn’t just for daily navigation. GPS tracking devices for cars can provide additional benefits that the maps app on your phone just can’t match.

Some of the advantages of GPS tracking devices for cars include the following:

  • Vehicle recovery: Simply contact the authorities if your vehicle is stolen and they can follow the real-time location to easily get your car back to you.
  • Liability: GPS tracking devices can monitor driving behavior like harsh braking, speed, acceleration, and other important driving data. If you get into an accident on the road, this data can prove crucial to determining fault.
  • Monitor driver behavior: You can ensure drivers are taking care and driving safely.
  • Real-time location: Allows you to see where your vehicle is at all times.
  • Real-time updates: With GPS tracking, you can get real-time updates on road and weather conditions, allowing you to always choose the fastest route to your destination.
  • Maintenance reminders: Keeping track of maintenance schedules is a pain and its easy to forget. With a GPS tracking device, you can get alerts whenever your car is due for a checkup or regular maintenance.

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When your teen starts driving on their own, it’s normal to worry. You understand that your teen’s behavior is probably a lot different when you’re not around to supervise, and this change in behavior can also apply to driving. Did you know that many teens are more scared of getting a ticket while driving than they are of crashing?

GPS tracking can significantly improve teen driving behavior and increase safety in general. Parents across the country are implementing GPS tracking systems into their vehicles to monitor and protect teens at all times.

Below, we’ll go over some of the ways GPS tracking can improve teen driving habits.

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Gas prices are rising again, yet again. While gas prices did drop down to $3.07 in January of this year, gas prices have begun to climb again. However, this is, unfortunately, normal. During the winter months, we travel less. But once the weather starts to warm up, we want to go outside and go on vacation.

Also, did you know that most states offer different blends of gasoline in the winter compared to the summer? Winter gas is designed to evaporate quicker, allowing cars to start up more easily in the cold. In the summer, this would mean more emissions and smog, so it’s not used. It also means cheaper winter gas and more expensive summer gas.

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