Nobody likes lost luggage, but chances are high that frequent travelers will lose a piece of luggage at some point or another, as it happens to about 1% of bags. While some level of luck or misfortune is involved, there are things you can do to minimize the risk of lost luggage in the first place.

Don’t over-pack your suitcase.

While you may be proud of your packing abilities that let you fit an inordinate amount of clothes into one suitcase, you’re not doing yourself any favors by doing this. That’s because heavier suitcases are at a higher risk of getting stuck on the belts and being misdirected.

Remove old bag tags.

Having a suitcase covered with old luggage tags isn’t cool. It looks messy and can confuse the scanners that are trying to direct your bag to the right carousel. So remove your old bag tags before you check your bag.

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The new year is all about new beginnings. Many people try to follow New Year’s resolutions to improve their lives in the new year. For example, they may vow to drink less. Others may promise themselves not to drink and drive.

In Tennessee, the notion of Dry January may sing a different tune this year – for Tennessee residents and the auto industry, this new year brought about a new law that will require GPS tracking devices on breathalyzers installed in cars operated by people with a DUI.

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As a parent, the safety of your child always comes first. More than anything we need to know our children are always safe, especially when they’re not with us. Parents want to steer their children away from any potential dangers and put practices in place to protect them.

Keeping them safe can be more difficult (and more nerve-racking) when they’re alone. Moreover, protecting children with special needs presents an additional challenge.

Children with special needs require more attention and care than others. It’s right in their name, normal practices, protection measures, and child-rearing techniques may not be effective, therefore they require special care and additional attention.

For neurotypical parents, it can be hard to know what goes through your special needs child’s mind. To you, their behavior may even seem erratic. But when they’re with you, you know they’re safe, and if they’re at home you can install CCTV cameras or nanny cams to keep an eye on them. However, as soon as they step out the door on their own (or at least without you), things can get a lot more tricky.

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