The Villages Residents Advised on How to Thwart Golf Cart Thefts

3 Jan 2017

The Villages has undergone a number of golf cart thefts recently leaving Villagers trying to figure out how they can keep their valuable possessions safe. Advantage Golf Cars offer the following tips:

Secure Your Garage

You can protect your golf cart and keep it from being stolen by parking it in your garage or another secure building. While you can’t thwart all thieves from getting to it, especially when you’re not home, parking your golf cart in your locked garage is always a good idea and decreases your risk of having it stolen.

Use a Unique Keyed Start Switch

Electric golf carts come with factory-installed start switches that make them very susceptible to theft. The keys the manufacturers provide are generic which makes it too easy for many people to obtain the exact key. It can be challenging finding a manufacturer that offers unique keyed start switches, but retailers who sell discount golf parts often sell aftermarket switches that can help you keep thieves from stealing your cart with a generic key.

Add a Golf Cart Security System

You can invest in a golf cart security system to keep it protected from theft. This type of system is very similar to the alarm system you would have for your car, but is more specialized for your golf cart. You typically activate and deactivate the system with a key fob.

Put a Lock on the Steering Wheel

Although steering wheel locks are designed mostly for cars, you can find models specific to golf carts that lock both the steering wheel and the pedal. You will want to ensure the lock fits your golf cart before you purchase it.

Use a Wheel Boot

You might recognize wheel boots as devices that lock the wheels of a vehicle by police when a driver commits a parking violation. However, there is now a wheel boot that is designed for your golf car to keep thieves from being able to drive off with it. For added protection, combine your wheel boot with a lockdown anchor so that thieves can’t simply lift your golf cart from the ground to move it.

Buy a GPS Tracker

GPS tracking devices are especially important to have since they help the police locate your cart after it’s been stolen. You can’t always protect yourself from golf cart theft, but you can easily find it afterwards by having it equipped with a GPS tracker. This tracking system allows you to use a map app on your mobile phone to locate your golf cart in real time, making it easier for police to catch the thief and return your cart to you safely.


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