How Vending Machine Operators Can Benefit from GPS Fleet Tracking

9 Mar 2016

Vending machine businesses come in many shapes and sizes. From large scale organizations that vend DVD movie rentals to smaller mom and pop companies that supply local businesses with snack machines and more, vending machines present business opportunities for the enterprising among us. Larger vending machine operators, in particular, can benefit greatly from GPS fleet tracking technology. These are just a few prime examples.

Improve Vehicle Maintenance

Believe it or not, getting proper routine maintenance can extend the life of your service vehicles greatly. Your trucks spend a great deal of time on the road each day. From servicing machines and installing new ones, to filling the machines on various routes, your drivers are logging a lot of miles on any given day. These miles equate to wear and tear on the trucks.

Routine maintenance helps to keep everything operating smoothly and helps service providers get a first glimpse at potential problems that need to be addressed. Taking care of these problems before they become big problems can prevent accidents and breakdowns. More importantly, it can keep your trucks fully operational for extra years – saving your vending machine business a great deal of money. Just one extra year per vehicle represents phenomenal savings.

Reduce Driver Overtime with Effective Emergency Management

Planning more efficient routes and making more efficient decisions about which driver is the closest choice for emergency runs will help you keep your drivers on schedule throughout the day and keep you from paying unnecessary overtime to drivers who are getting lost or driving from one emergency to another across town and country throughout the day.

Hold Drivers Accountable

Real time active tracking GPS fleet systems allow you to track your drivers in real time. That gives your company a glimpse into the behaviors and activities of your drivers that can be eye opening. Without this technology you don’t really know how your drivers are driving unless you’re either in the trucks with them or following close behind. You can’t tell if they’re driving recklessly, speeding, tailgating, or stopping off at a local diner for an extra lunch hour every day.

GPS tracking allows you to keep up with where your drivers are, how they are driving, and if there are problems. At the same time, if one of your trucks breaks down or is in an accident you also know their exact GPS location so that you can get help to your drivers quickly. It’s a good thing for your business and your vending machine drivers.

GPS fleet tracking technology helps businesses save money. A lot of money over the course of a year in these areas alone. Imagine how much bigger the savings will be once you factor in fuel savings, ticket savings, and lower insurance rates too!


Are you a vending machine company with a fleet of drivers, and are looking to improve your fleet’s efficiency? You can always contact a GPS fleet tracking expert at Live View GPS today to learn more: 1-888-544-0494.



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