How Non-Profit Organizations Can Benefit from GPS Fleet Tracking

28 Aug 2023

GPS fleet tracking is a revolutionary tech solution that’s being implemented by every kind of organization, including non-profits. This useful technology can benefit non-profit organizations in many ways. It can help reduce maintenance costs, fuel costs, optimize routes, improve service delivery, and even enhance driver accountability.

What is GPS Fleet Tracking?

GPS fleet tracking utilizes GPS devices to show the real-time location of vehicles and transmit additional data that can be used to improve the organization. The location of vehicles and other data is sent to a dispatcher or fleet manager who can monitor the activity of the fleet in real time.

So What are the Benefits of GPS Fleet Tracking?

 There are so many including the below!

 Reduced Fuel Costs

GPS fleet tracking can help with route optimization, finding the most efficient route from point A to point B. It can also make live adjustments to routes while the vehicle is already on the road, so if there is any traffic, roadside accidents, construction, or unsafe weather conditions, the GPS tracking software can reroute the driver to reduce time spent on the road and save gas.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

By finding the most efficient routes, GPS fleet tracking also reduces the wear and tear on vehicles, which reduces the wear and vehicles and saves you on maintenance costs.

In addition, GPS fleet tracking software can be used to keep track of maintenance schedules. This ensures that fleet managers never miss any maintenance with their vehicles, which will improve fuel efficiency and reduce the likelihood of roadside breakdowns and more expensive repairs.

Improve Service Delivery

GPS fleet tracking allows non-profit organizations to provide real-time updates on the location and ETA of their delivery vehicles. This makes it much easier to optimize delivery schedules and coordinate vehicles while providing more accurate delivery times.

Enhance Driver Accountability

When your drivers are out on the road, they represent your non-profit, and poor driver behavior can tarnish your non-profit’s reputation and result in an accident. But it can be difficult to know how you’re drivers are behaving on the road when you can’t monitor them.

GPS fleet tracking allows you to monitor all of your drivers while they’re on the road. This software will provide you with data including driver speed, hard braking, fast accelerating, and more so that you can know when a driver needs to improve their driving behavior.

Also, this software will be able to notify you whenever there is an accident on the road so you can send a tow truck or emergency medical services to their location immediately.

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