Types of GPS Fleet Tracking Alerts

11 Apr 2016

GPS fleet tracking alerts help bring data to fleet managers about exception messages and conditions. You can customize these alerts and others for specific fleet activity, like after-hour use and vehicle speeding.

When inbound messages are sent or exception conditions are triggered, these different alerts are forwarded via text or to your email or any selected recipients assigned to receive them. You’re able to view these alerts from your mobile phone or desktop computer making it easy to monitor your fleet’s every move, anytime of the day or night.

Some types of alerts include:

Route Alerts

If you have vehicles assigned to certain routes, you can set up alerts to notify you the moment one of your fleet vehicles leaves for their assigned route. They can also alert you if one of your vehicle’s deviates from their assigned route.

Ignition Alerts

You can choose to be alerted on any of your hardwired devices when the ignitions of your vehicles are turned on or off. For instance, you can monitor even a single driver that is assigned to a specific vehicle and be alerted when they start up the vehicle. Basically, ignition alerts notify you each time one of your company vehicles is started and you can keep detailed records of use through mileage tracking.

Excessive Idling Alerts

Once one of your drivers arrives at his destination, instead of keeping the vehicle running (idling), they should turn off the engine to avoid wasted fuel and time. You can obtain vehicle operation reports that provide you with full details of each driver’s vehicle use patterns, which allow you to set standards, measure performance,  and build incentives. These alerts basically help ensure your drivers remain compliant with idling.

Aggressive Driving Alerts

Your business goals could be negatively impacted from aggressive driving. Things like speeding and other harmful driving violations could really hurt your bottom line. GPS fleet tracking will help you to track bad driving habits based on safety metrics and reduce the risks of liabilities that can increase insurance premiums. This type of alert system will help improve your insurance scores and driver awareness within in your fleet.

Zone Alerts

These alerts let you know each time a vehicle enters or exits a designated area such as your service area or fleet yard.

After Hours Use Alerts

There is a great deal of power knowing exactly where your vehicles are at all times. Are your company vehicles being used for personal reasons? Are they being used for moonlighting? This type of alert system lets you track a vehicle 24 hours a day and know at all times where your assets and vehicles are.

Panic Alerts

A panic alert will gives your drivers a discrete, quick way to call for help in an emergency situation.

You can now monitor all your fleet vehicles through GPS tracking with integrated mapping from any Internet enabled computer or mobile device.  This allows you to watch your vehicles in real-time, know their exact speed, location,  and direction of travel. You can group your fleet vehicles by region, set up parameters and be notified by text or email if any of your vehicles go astray. You can even lock and unlock doors, enable or disable the starter, enable a panic button, start the car, record PTO activations and honk the horn right from your computer. All of these customizable alerts will help you to monitor your fleet drivers’ activities remotely, thereby increasing safety and productivity.

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