Truly Live Tracking: 5-10 Second Updates RTV5

12 Jun 2008

If you are looking for the best of the best when it comes to GPS tracking system, then look no further then the RTV5. With cutting edge technology, this GPS tracking system is one of a kind.  

So just what makes the RTV5 better then its competitors? Probably the biggest thing is that it is truly real time live tracking. The updates for this system are within 5 to 10 seconds instead of minutes like other devices out on the market. This means that you can know exactly where the vehicle, person or property is in a matter of seconds. You will be able to know the exact speed and determine if they are where they are supposed to be when they are supposed to be. This makes it perfect for just about anyone who needs a GPS tracking system; car owners, parents and business owners alike.


Another thing that makes the RTV5 stand out above the rest is the mapping system that it uses. In utilizing Microsoft Virtual Earth Maps, this allows you to see so much more in a very easy to use program. Not only does it allow you to see hundreds of vehicles on one screen, but it also allows you to zero in on any specific one at any point on the map. The system allows you to quickly go from a city view to a state view to a world view in a matter of seconds. You can even check to see where traffic is so that if you get the excuse of ‘traffic was bad’ you can double check to see if they really were stuck in traffic or just goofing off. With this system, no one can hide or goof off anymore!


An additional plus with the RTV5 system is that it is extremely easy to use. Once you have your GPS tracking device installed, all you have to do is activate it by calling the company to get your login information. Once you have this then you go to the secure web site and log in. That is it. In a matter of minutes you will be able to set up, view and see your vehicle in live view online. It takes less then five minutes to acclimate yourself to the secure program. The nice thing about using a secure website is that there is always support should you need it.


So just what do you get for the pennies a day price tag? You will get the best, cutting edge GPS tracking system available for personal and business use on the market today.


The RTV5 offers the following to everyone who purchases it:


· Real time Live Tracking with 5 to 10 second updates

· Track all vehicles from one screen

· Coverage all over the globe is included

· Web based system with support provided should you need it

· No batteries to replace

· 12 month warranty

· Complete system that allows you to configure it to your needs (virtual fence notification, speed alert, reports etc.).

· Unlimited zone and speed alerts to your cellphone


Nowhere else can you find a system better then the RTV5. It is the easiest and simplest system on the market today. You don’t have to have any computer skills to use it. The technology that the RTV5 uses is unsurpassed whether you are using it to keep track of your teen drivers, your precious vehicle or your employees while on the job. You will not find any other GPS tracking device out there that does this much for such a low price.

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