What is Telematics?

9 Feb 2015

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Technology moves fast these days. Telematics is one of the more beneficial technological advancements to take place for the fleet management industry as a whole. Telematics is the driving force behind modern GPS fleet tracking systems. It is essential for greater fleet efficiency, lowering expenses, and improved fleet management.

So, what is it?

Essentially, telematics is the communication of information between vehicles and a third party. It enables fleet managers to not only track their vehicles on the road, but also to communicate with those vehicles and their drivers.

More importantly, it allows those vehicles to send important information about the vehicle itself, driving conditions, speeds, and location to the dispatcher or fleet manager. These are just some of the things telematics technology has to offer fleets on the road today.

Improves Vehicle Maintenance

Fleet vehicles travel many miles over the course of a month – much more than standard vehicles travel. As a result, they have more frequent and stringent maintenance needs. These needs can easily get lost in the noise of managing your fleet and the many moving parts it has. Telematics allows vehicles to communicate when the time comes for oil changes and set up automatic appointments.

Even more impressive, though, is the fact that certain mechanical problems or repair needs can be transmitted via the computer in your fleet vehicles so that the repair center has the parts and equipment on hand before your vehicle arrives at the shop. This saves valuable time off the road for your vehicle and a great deal of hassle for your business.

Altering Driver Behavior

Some drivers have a problem with speeding. Others drive recklessly or fail to wear their seatbelts. Telematics, combined with establishing and enforcing company policies (along with consequences for bad driver behavior) can help you alter bad habits among drivers to create a safer workplace for all your drivers.

Other behaviors telematics may alert fleet owners to include:

  • Tailgating other Drivers
  • Aggressive Driving
  • Rapid Acceleration
  • Hard Breaking
  • After-hours use of Vehicles

Incidentally, the changes in driver behavior achieved combined with telematics can work together to help you lower your insurance rates as well. This adds up to even bigger savings for your business.

Reduces Costs

The average fleet has many expenses. Three of the big expenditures your business faces are labor, fuel, and insurance. Oddly enough, GPS tracking technology that takes advantage of telematics, can be used to reduce all three expenses for your business.

  • First, it can lead to greater route efficiency. This occurs with better routing and tracking driver actions. This in turn cuts fuel costs and decreases labor costs because drivers will waste less time on the roads dealing with traffic jams or taking routes that are less efficient.
  • Second, it improves driver behavior and increases safety. Insurance companies like this and will reward you with lower premiums.
  • Third, improved maintenance and repair scheduling leads to fewer breakdowns, which can cost your business top dollar in lost productivity, lost shipments, and repair bills.

Telematics, in other words, is a game changer for the GPS tracking and fleet management industry. These are just the highlights. Try it for yourself to see the many benefits it has to offer your business. Call us at LiveView GPS at 1.888.502.3636 to learn more about GPS tracking telematics for your fleet.

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