How GPS Tracking Improves Auto Financing

20 Nov 2023

Auto financing companies provide individuals and businesses with access to vehicles they need for daily use. However, vehicles are expensive assets and there’s always risk involved when loaning or leasing a vehicle.

Recent advancements in telematics and GPS tracking software have transformed the auto financing industry, providing companies with ways to reduce costs, reduce risk, and ultimately drive up profits. Below, we’ll go over some of the ways GPS tracking can improve auto financing.

Loan Payments

Every lender worries about loan payments, or the failure to do so. When borrowers don’t repay their loans on time, it carries a risk of damage to assets, especially when the lender isn’t able to locate the vehicle.

GPS tracking allows auto financing companies to keep constant track of vehicle locations, no matter where they are. If there are late payments, the location of the asset can be easily repossessed.

Furthermore, if customers understand that their vehicle is being tracked, then they’ll be more likely to avoid late payments for fear of losing their vehicle.

 Vehicle Theft

Things get tricky when a vehicle is stolen during the period of a loan. Not only can it be difficult to recover, but determining liability can also be a problem.

GPS tracking allows you to immediately locate any stolen vehicles. You can then provide this data to law enforcement so they can easily track down the vehicle and return it. Also, additional data – like the location it was stolen from – will help you determine liability.

Accident Liability

Accidents on the road are inevitable for auto financing companies, but determining who’s liable for a crash can be difficult.

GPS tracking systems provide essential data that help determine liability including vehicle speed, hard braking or acceleration, location, and more.


Geo-fencing features are very useful for auto financing businesses. Geo-fences allow managers to set up geographical boundaries that will send an alert to them whenever a vehicle passes out of the boundary.

This can help with identifying theft and ensuring customers don’t breach contract if there are geographical considerations.


GPS tracking systems are essential for auto financing companies. They cut costs, decrease risk, and provide peace of mind.

At LiveViewGPS, we offer high-quality and affordable GPS vehicle trackers that will allow you to take on more loans at a lower cost, optimizing your business’s profitability.

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