How Telematics Extends the Benefits of GPS Fleet Tracking

17 Jul 2023

Telematics and GPS tracking are sometimes used interchangeably. They’re often both used to track company fleets and prove to be indispensable resources for companies that rely on their fleets to conduct business. However, telematics and GPS tracking are not the same.

If your business has only been using GPS tracking in your company vehicles, you’ll want to read on because telematics offers so much more than monitoring the location of a vehicle.

GPS Tracking vs. Telematics

GPS tracking allows you to track the location of a vehicle or vehicles using satellite-based navigation. So if you pull up a map with GPS software, you can see the location and speed of your company’s vehicles.

Telematics uses GPS, but its scope is much wider. Telematics collects, stores, and presents data from all of your vehicles with the assistance of telecommunication devices. This data is invaluable to businesses as it can help them optimize in a number of ways.

Learn more about how GPS tracking and telematics are different here.

Benefits of Telematics

The benefits of telematics, especially in conjunction with GPS tracking, and significant.

Fleet operations: GPS tracking is limited to the location of a vehicle on a map; however, telematics can track over 50 different parameters for each of the vehicles in your fleet. This data can be analyzed to improve operations and cut costs or boost profits.

For example, telematics can monitor fleet maintenance. Better vehicle maintenance will result in fewer roadside violations, less downtime, more affordable repairs, and safer drivers.

If you can think of a factor that is costing your business money, you can find a way to track it with telematics.

Improved cost management: Telematics can help you reveal weak spots that are costing your business money. Here are some ways you can reduce costs with telematics:

  • Monitor driver behavior – reduce speeding violations and driving behavior that results in poor fuel efficiency.
  • Eliminate idling.
  • Optimize routes to reduce time on the road.
  • Fleet maintenance.
  • Ensuring proper transport of goods to avoid fines from customers.
  • Automating processes to free up employees.
  • Record driver logs and activities.

Enhanced security: GPS tracking can be useful to prevent theft, but thieves can destroy trackers or the theft can be reported too late. Telematics will reduce theft by alerting you when an asset goes off its designated route or is showing erratic driving behavior. Furthermore, you can have smart locks in the vehicle that are connected to your telematic system which can notify you if someone tries to open them. You can also detect jamming and block the engine right away so you can inform the authorities and recover your vehicle.

Telematics will also help you with any insurance claims during an accident on the road. If your driver was not at fault, the telematics will be able to show the driver’s speed and driving behavior.

If you’re worried about vehicle theft and equipment theft, consider getting an equipment tracker as well.


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