Recover Stolen Construction Equipment and Vehicles with GPS Tracking

21 May 2019

Stolen construction equipment and vehicles are costly to replace. Frequent occurrences of theft of these items can also lead to rising insurance costs for your construction business. GPS tracking for power tools and construction equipment can help you recover stolen vehicles and equipment while keeping your insurance costs a little south of sky high. These are just a few ways it can assist you in your recovery efforts.

Provides Real-Time Geographic Tracking

This is one critical step in aiding law enforcement in quickly recovering stolen equipment and vehicles. GPS tracking provides a real-time record of the location where your stolen equipment is so that officers can go directly to your stolen equipment and get it back for you.

Identifies the Property as Belonging to You

Believe it or not, this is one of the biggest problems when it comes to recovering stolen construction equipment, machinery, etc. It becomes a matter of proving the property belongs to you. If you don’t have your logos printed all over it or some other identifying marks on the equipment thieves could claim it belongs to them. However, if you have GPS tracking on the equipment, that helps to provide proof of ownership laws in most states recognize.

Reduces Insurance Costs

In many cases, simply having GPS on your equipment and vehicles is enough for many insurance providers to give you a break on premiums. However, the solid record of swiftly recovered items is another reasons for insurance companies to smile and pass big savings on to you. It’s all about risks for them and GPS fleet tracking reduces their risks when insuring your vehicles and construction equipment.

Geofencing Notifies You When Problems Arise

Geofencing features on GPS fleet tracking systems allows you to define parameters (times of day or geographic boundaries) for which you will receive instant alerts if your equipment or vehicles are moved beyond that boundary or operated outside of the prescribed hours. This means you aren’t wasting precious hours before you even know your equipment and vehicles are missing. Knowing right away greatly increases the odds of a recovery before equipment can be dismantled, painted, or broken down for parts.

If you’re worried about the theft of your construction equipment and/or vehicles, it is hard to go wrong with GPS fleet tracking to protect them. Working with the right GPS service organization can ensure that you get all the benefits of GPS tracking you expect and quite a few more you might never have considered on your own. Contact us here at LiveViewGPS to learn more about how GPS tracking for construction equipment. 1-888-544-0494

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