PT8100 Portable Micro Sized GPS Tracking Device

25 Feb 2008

Portable GPS Tracking Device:   The PT8100 and What it can do for you.

With technology changing rapidly around us on an almost daily basis, there is a great new gadget that is out on the market that is actually a must for any who needs to know where a piece of property or even a person is.  Everyone has heard of GPS systems; however we usually equate this to something that is in the car that will give us directions as to where we want to go.  There is this cool new device called a Portable GPS Tracking Device (the PT8100) that takes this technology another step forward.  This device actually is ideal for tracking down people, cars and even stolen merchandise.   So just what is the PT8100?  Straight out of the box, the PT8100 is extremely user friendly.  It is a relatively quick and easy set up that will allow you to begin locating things almost immediately.  One of the coolest things about this device is that is smaller than a business card and about less than an inch thick.   Some of the Benefits of using the PT8100: 

  • Allows you to locate people, cars, merchandise, stolen property on demand
  • Uses actual real time tracking.  This means that you will know exactlywhere the stuff or person that you are tracking is actually located.
  • You can schedule your tracking times.It does not matter if what you are tracking is indoors or outdoors.  

 The PT8100 is an awesome little machine.  It allows for up to 10 hours of usage on a single charge.  It is able to perform its tracking function over 90% of the United States.  This means that just about wherever you are, you should be able to track your stuff.  And yes, this does mean on the water too as the system is equipped with a plastic water resistant enclosure.   So now that you are ready to purchase this handy little gadget you are probably wondering if there are any additional charges.  While the unit itself costs about 400 dollars, you also have to choose a plan in order to allow your system to work.  There are three distinctly different plans to choose from based upon your needs for the device.  If you are using it only to find someone or track something that has been stolen, then you will probably only need a low usage plan.  This plan would allow you to put in 30 location requests a month all for the low price of less than 30 dollars.  If your needs are more then 30 tracking requests per month then you will need the Personal tracking plan.  This plan will allow for up to 750 location requests per month for fewer than 45 dollars.  There is also a high volume package, but unless you are planning on tracking something every 15 minutes of the day, then one of the lower packages is a much better deal.   The PT8100 is a powerful GPS tracking device to own.  With such wide uses; keeping track of that unruly teenager, finding a lost loved one, tracking down your stolen car, the possibilities are endless.  The PT8100 will allow peace of mind by helping you to keep track of everything that is important to you. 

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