What Are the Peak Months for ATV Thefts?

24 Sep 2019

The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) produced a recent report revealing that you see more all-terrain vehicle (ATV) thefts at the end of summer. In fact, July and August are the months when 19 percent of all thefts occur. This figure is based on theft data the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) contains in their database for the District of Columbia and all 50 states.

However, overall the report cites the number of reported stolen ATVs are down through January 1, 2016 to December 21, 2018 period. The least reported ATV thefts were in 2018 with 19,363 thefts — the most were 21,255 in 2016.

Fall is actually a popular time for people to go ATV riding, and many head out to the trails to look at the fall foliage. The spectacular autumn leaves and cooler temperatures make for great ATV riding all over the country.

Take New England, for instance. It’s well-known for its visitor attractions and fall colors. The perfect place to go ATV riding in New England is “Ride The Wilds” which, in northern New Hampshire, has more than 1,000 miles of interconnected trails. It’s terrain varies from trails that wind and curve through scenic pastures and woods to easy-riding gravel roads to routes for experienced riders who barrel up into the New Hampshire mountains to enjoy the fall colors and scenic panoramic views.

Along with the fall colors, fall provides riders with more comfortable temperatures and better trail conditions with less dust.

But, since fall is a popular season for ATV riding, it also invites more opportunities for thieves to get their hands on your ride. So, you’ll want to take some precautions to lower your chances of losing your ATV.

Tips to Prevent ATV Theft

Because of their relatively minimum factory installed anti-theft features and small size, ATVs are easy targets for thieves. But, you can lessen your risk of becoming an ATV theft victim by taking a few precautions such as:

  • Storing your ATV out of sight if you store it outdoors
  • Storing your keys in a secure area separately when you’re not using your ATV
  • Locking and securing the trailer, if you use one, so it can’t be connected to and driven away easily
  • Engaging the steering lock when you’re not using the ATV if it came built with one
  • Storing your ATV in a locked building like a shed or garage

Another way of protecting your ATV is through GPS tracking technology. With ATV GPS tracking technology, you can see where your ATV is at all times using your computer or mobile phone. If it moves from where you stored it without a key, GPS tracking for ATVs will detect it and alert you through text message or email.

Don’t let ATV theft ruin your chances of getting out there and riding the beautiful fall foliage trails. While there has been a decline in ATV thefts, you should not let your guard down and continue taking precautions to keep yourself from becoming the next ATV theft victim.

If you own one or more ATVs and are considering getting a GPS tracking device, contact us here at LiveViewGPS at 1-888-544-0494, and we can help you select the best GPS tracking solution for your needs.

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