GPS Tracking for Your ATV

12 Aug 2016

In today’s times, you can find GPS tracking in your smartphones, tablets, boats, cars, watches, and motorcycles. More and more you are also starting to see this handy technology in your recreational sports machinery as well, like ATVs. If you own an ATV and don’t have a tracking device installed on it, the likelihood of it being recovered and returned to you is not good.

Benefits of GPS Tracking for your ATV

When it comes to protecting your ATV, you need all the advantages you can possibly have. ATV GPS tracking makes it simple to locate your asset instantly and control it with just a click of your mouse. You will be emailed or alerted through a text if your ATV is moved without the turn of its key. Not only are you notified on the location of your asset, but also on how long it remains stationary, its velocity, its direction, and more.

Some benefits and features that many GPS tracking devices include are:

  • Alarm notification
  • Integrated Internal Antenna
  • Real-time, one click location
  • Low battery notification
  • Over speed notification
  • Small convenient size
  • Tilt sensor
  • Disconnected battery notification
  • Minimum power draw
  • Remote enable and disable starter
  • Waterproof and vibration
  • Towing alarm and notification

These are also some of the many benefits and features you get with GPS tracking for your ATV.

This GPS tracking system for your ATV connects with a global satellite that is in an orbital spheres above the earth. The GPS-enabled device receives location data and reports the stolen property’s location. Coverage through global satellites is provided pretty much worldwide.

Police can use GPS tracking to follow your stolen ATV movement, see where it has stopped moving, and then recover it as well as arrest the criminals.

This technology has been used successfully for a wide range of things like kidnapped pets, money stolen from banks, vehicles, endangered animals, fleet tracking, and spousal infidelity. There are several cutting-edge, state-of-the-art technologies used to ensure reliability and communicate with the device offering you the most comprehensive coverage possible.

With GPS tracking technology, you get versatile and reliable accessibility that is both cost effective and simple to use. You can have peace of mind that your ATV is fully protected when you have a concern about theft in your community or neighborhood and if your asset is stolen, you can feel confident that it will be returned to you quickly and the criminals deal with the consequences of their actions.
Do you own an ATV? If so, have you considered getting a GPS tracking device for your ATV? Call us here at LiveView GPS at 1-888-544-0494 to learn more.

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